A Week of Christmas @ Saturday, January 03, 2015

Monday 22nd December

We took pictures, went dancing and shopping. Last dance class for the year. Bought the ingredients for a cooking adventure tomorrow, it's an adventure as I rarely cook, he does.  

Q - Would you eat cake someone gives you, when you don't know them, and they're a random person in your class? :P Ben (random guy we're trying to be friends with) doesn't know my name. 


Today was spent mainly at the dr's waiting room, he was running late, a 2.30 appointment turned into 3.35pm. And there goes the afternoon we were going to cook/create. He can't find what's wrong with me. Also with the wrist thing I need to make an effort to wear the support almost all the time - which means I can barely type/write/take picture and I can barely pick up anything including the phone. It also means I can't go dancing or work. There's not much I can do really. :( 

With work I don't like to tell them that I have a serve disability but it makes me look weak, I am the weak link. That and I'm unemployable due to the condition. In a way events, or rather that specific event has ruined my life. I've already given up badminton, and now it looks like I have to give up almost all my activities.

In between things in my diary we stopped by the drugstore to buy some moisturizer, as the Bioderma one I tried had a greasy residue which means everything even dust particles will stick to you. I love the QV range over Ego, but I can't remember if I'm after the lotion or cream (the later's packaging got revamped) so I got the smaller one. With the $15 birthday reward we paid $2. Think I should have gotten the bigger bottle...

We also got a vanilla slice (paid $1) and drink from Nandos (not an offer, but T&C of one).

Work (disability friendly) needed more people so I said yes, I like wrapping things. :) Worst present a toilet training pot - not one, but two of them.

Later we went out for milkshakes. Yay! 
There was a sale so we bought some to take home and freeze. 


Today we worked at the Carols by Candlelight event which was fun, the uniform's purple. Yay! There was sandwiches, snacks and ice cream, as well as Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate which I love. The Magnum was Strawberry, Lucy approves. It was nice but a little artificial - I chose it for the white chocolate.

When we were done we stayed for the carols and got restricted view seats, can;t see the choir/orchestra. But we did see Glinda (Wicked) and 18 of the Cast of Les Mis! Who did a mash-up. It was pretty cool. And the end there was streamers rather than a balloon drop or confetti canon. :( Easier to clean up though. 

There was lots of $$$ lighting/sound/recording stuff including cameras on cranes, and people on seats hanging from the ceiling doing lights. Jas would have loved it.


Today we finished decorating the gingerbread house! It tastes like dog cookies... not much flavour and too hard. But it was fun to decorate and at times tiring. 

But we also made dinner, which took a few hours, but it worked! Featuring sausages we made Morrocan Tagine with Couscous. Need to add dried cranberries and raisins next time. Discovered I'm ok with chickpeas but too much, no likely. Couscous needs less salt. 

Opened a few kk presents and researched the list for tomorrow. We didn't do much today...


Annie, Freebies & Shopping


Shopping Day 2


Today we had training at work, and I may have done the module three times... oddly there's no test. I would have thought you need to do a walk through and show them that you know how everything works and the details.

Lunch - Ravioli con Rucola ($19) from Vapiano

Homemade ravioli with rocket + ricotta filling in butter sauce with onions, 
fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket + pine nuts. It was very good, not $20 good though. :P  

Someone tried to break in at work, via the roof hoping to get into the 2nd level window. Instead they fell right through the roof! As it was in the process of being replaced. That probably wasn't a risk they considered. Can you really sue the owner when you got hurt if you were the one who broke in? 

Froyo after work, rasp & lychee and original yoghurt flavour, with boba/popping pearls I love. Met Chanel Guy afterwards who works at Starbucks, after being a daily visitor. :)

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