Boxing Day Shopping 2014 @ Tuesday, January 06, 2015

At 11.59pm I got an email from le beau with a video clip of him on cello and Adrian on piano, playing Happy Birthday! I love it! Helen also sent her birthday wishes, though didn't play the harp as traveling with a harp isn't that easy. :P I'd share it but sadly he's asked me not to. :( So instead here's a picture of the roses he sent me (some of them). 

SHOPPING! But first we must see Annie in the early hours of the morning before a 6.45am departure. I like the beginning, classic Annie and new Annie.  I love Will Stack's OCD thing about detol, though I'm not at the point where I'd drink it. But after 500 hands yes I need detol! Mrs. Kovacevic was funny, she was in the Wolf of Wall Street. And Cam's clown friend found a job in PR when he's not a clown. :P

In the end I thought that Hannigan almost dies or something saving Annie? Also the actors were her friends and co-artists rather than randoms. Fake mother is Lily, Andrea's friend from 'Devil Wears Prada'.

We really liked the movie, though le beau remembers the 1982 version clearer than me, I prefer this new version. I love the music and especially 'Maybe' and the title song. It's absolutely amazing that the main character is actually 11.  

Parts of 'Opportunity' reminds me of Beyonce's Halo, did anyone  think that too? A big musical number's a great ending can we do that for our wedding? :P

Raspberry Tim Tam - Gloria Jeans

We really like Gloria Jeans and had the raspberry Tim Tam which was very nice, though still love Starbucks in December. I didn't eat any of the cream before I took that picture btw, also I like sprinkles over 100s & 1000s. They were stingy on the cream. :( the smallest serve of cream ever - I could be bias as I love my local store (with all of its great offers) and friendly service, also great wifi as there isn't many people there on a weekday.  

At 7.15am there was no parking at Chadstone, though we were on the Myer side. Just because you paid for it doesn't mean it's yours, and so I did buy a lot of things both online and instores, good thing too, as I got the last Benefit Sizzling Six $30 set in stores. 

L'Occitane didn't have the $15 pack I was after, shipping was $10 so we let it pass. Along with the online only Peter Alexander eye mask. So glad I smelt the candles before I bought them (or didn't) as the Glasshouse Xmas Trios aren't nice! Unless you like/know someone who likes all 3/3 together then it's best not to get it. 

Brunch Time! Burrito from Salsa and Muffin Break, White Choc Raspberry. 
A bit on the dry and plain side except for the top part with the toppings. 

Tiffany Tree! We haven't seen this till now as we rarely go to Chadstone, last time we were here was during the mid-year sale. I really like Tiffany, but very glad we went with le beau's family jeweler instead, even if I never actually went into the shop because it's in Sydney.

Happy Lab is pretty cool, it's all about the packaging and popcorn! Xmas stock on 50% off, we got a stocking with two bags of popcorn for $15. I would have thought the popcorn be $8-ish for a bag normally. But they're $15... Everything was sold out before lunch except the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Balls.

ShortStory has a store! They sell pretty decorative things that I really don't have room for.

Things I like that didn't buy because it's not my style. Also not sure what happened to the lighting in the left picture. Forever New has so much stuff that has that similar pattern from clothing to wallets, bags and phone covers. 

This book is hilarious XD

Scandinavian Minimalist Santa's Workshop

Back upstairs to Alannah Hill to check out the 'Passport To Paris Skirt' I like it but don't love it. But if I was $120 I'd get it. :P Amber Reeds from Witchery $20 they also have some nice $20 at the moment. A lace undertop perfect under a chiffron top from Supre $5. S-XL isn't helpful, numbers are, and perfectly not all the way back hidden in the change rooms

Downstairs we went for a wander, a $10 hat fron Temt, where I don't normally shop, but I love my hats and assessories. So many stores play loud modern music which reples me, and I don't dress mainstream so there isn't much around for me anyway

Kate Hill had 50% and I've checked out their bags online, though there's no side and inside or detail views, which is a bit epic fail. We bought a $30 crossbody strap black bag for work, when we can't wear a blazer (for pockets) and can't carry much with us. The SA was great! I can't shop at places that throw everything on a pile on the table like some clearence bin, nor do I like to shop at a space like an art gallery. 

One last tree.

Shops we shopped at, minus one I forgot.

Another coffee table book and shorts I like, that galaxy print I'd love to get a skirt in.

Because it didn't come in a skirt I bought it for le beau instead. :P

Accessories. Sportscraft, two belts for $7 with a $20 birthday discount. $13-ish each before that, was $20 before that. Hats I collect, yes even big practical ones, not just tiny top hats. 

The lines were very long! Pictures are lines of Lush - that's to get in, and Bubble Cup. Lines everywhere! 20min-ish wait for the bathroom. People also parked everywhere, on footpaths there was at least 8 cars, the cops were having a fun day taking pictures and writing up fines.

Coconut Ice Cream!

Lunch at Subway, seafood I love. Coke maybe not, regret not getting a juice :P though it depends on the person if they'll give you that or Coke/water.

Freebies or Things I Got with a Discount 

We're done, yay! The car to pick us up a bit more than an hour later, traffic was bad. At least 8 cars parked in spaces that weren't parking spaces. Half in the yellow square half on the higher area. Cops taking pictures writing tickets. I hope the savings you made today was more than that fine. 

Lincraft has 40% and they had ModPodge! Also I picked up some glitter cardboard for backgrounds in pictures. One is faulty though so we have to get that exchanged. 

Free drink from Chatime! Coconut milk tea with coconut jelly. We had an error and so I had to register again and it went through on the spot! Normally takes 12/24hrs.

Dinner was out last stop, the SA was lovely. For your birthday Nandos gives you a free meal, so I got 1/4 chicken (breast), chips (wow that's a big serving for small!) and apple juice. :)

Didn't pay for anything I ate today other than popcorn, so that was pretty awesome. Once again we missed Cold Rock ice cream as we crashed and they only open at 6-11pm. :( 

Another round of freebies and shopping tomorrow! 

Day two shopping adventures! First and only purchase for me was Christmas Deco from Daiso, 2 for $2.80. All these things are for headpieces I'm creating. I love the tiny baubles!

Met up with Andy for lunch (a boost for me) and burger for him. Sportscraft has left the building (Melb Cenrtal) relocating in the Emporium 2wks ago.

Deco in Random Shops 

The GAP here is completely different to Chadstone! It's as normal, and not a junk yard, hoarders' delight or clearance bin set up. At Chadstone you had to line-up to get in and there was stuff in piles on the tables. He bought some pants at some mainstream shop. The reason he invited me to come shopping was to be his stylist, but I don't really do guys as le beau has his own style, dresses him and occasionally me (he dresses me older to match him). His style is preppy and designer. Meanwhile Andy's style is mainstream - but we found him a stylist! (x) the manager at yd. was great! He's got his own style, knows the latest trends and there's no pressure to buy everything you try on. Andy got some shirts and his first pair of navy dress pants. We're working on him not dressing like a morman (when they're recruiting).

The above and a visit to H&M took all afternoon and evening, or at least till 8.30pm. Along the way was lots of waiting, a lack of the 'bored husband' seat and we got some reeds (it was on sale, my 3rd one with 48hrs) and a lovely Frozen inspired hairpin that I'm going to make into a brooch/pendent. 

At H&M I met Emily's sisters XD How often do you come across a mannequin with your signature hair style? Cue *We are Family*. We did send this to Emily, but she already saw them.

Sesame Ice Cream happened at the Emporium.

Finally we got to go for food! Churros, pasta lunch for tomorrow from Vapiano and pizza on the waterfront at 10pm.

Roast pumpkin, balsamic onion, feta, pine nuts, basil pesto $17 - The Wharf Hotel

The pizza had a real homemade style to it, simple but yummy. Nothing amazing though, I still prefer Crust.


What we bought over two days, well mainly the Friday. The bag is the Camilla Cross Body Bag ($30) from Kate Hill's Annual 50% Off. It's for work, where you can't bring a big bag with you, this is the one for water and the contents of my pockets. We bought lots of things that smell/look/taste nice. :) Mostly unplanned purchases because some shops I wouldn't shop at normally.

Le beau is glad I didn't buy more candles - yet. :P Though I bought x3 reed diffusers instead. Why? Because I can smell everything! You have no idea how disgusting it is to travel out West. Also I can smell things that you aren't suppose to smell. The only thing I can't smell is cancer, I'm not at that advanced level yet. :P I'd hate to have a dog's sense of smell.  

Reeds from Witchery & Mimco, made by the same company. 

I love Lovisa! And there we got some deco thingy earrings, a basic locket (I collect them) and a wire tiara. I wonder of that guy on Little Collins does custom wire things...

Not sure if I want to keep this one. I love the design but for the price and quality is a bit meh.

Tiara's I love! No ideal how I forgot to take off the tag first...

This locket is gold not silver, but the background influences the colouring. 

I love these earrings! Le beau says one day I will find "the one" pair of earrings that will convince me to get my ears pieced. But the idea of getting shot through the ear with a needle doesn't sound too good. Plus consider how much $$$ I've saved but not buying most of the earrings I like. But it's also a deeper thing, there was a place I was at, a different time, a long long time ago when I was little, a place where if you wear a scarf you're asking to be strangled, braids cut and ears ripped if you dare wear earrings. It was a bad place.

Moving on to nicer things isn't this hairpin/clip lovely? Sadly it doesn't suit me, so I'm converting it into a brooch or pendent instead. I love how the colour themes look Frozen inspired.

Did you go shopping? Score any good deals?

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