Carols by Candlelight 2014 @ Sunday, January 04, 2015

Last week (time of typing this post) we went to Carols by Candlelight.
The back row had a good view but I can't actually see anything but dots of colour...

There were food trucks! Sadly not open after the show as I discovered. 
This Mexican one does great fries, - regrets - not buying it before the show. 

Most popular mainstream burger/fries/hot dog choice. 

What I got :P Good things can come to those who wait, $8 at the start $5 when I bought one. I've seen posts about the 'Brulee Cart' though as they're on the go it's hard to find and they don't stay in one spot too long. $8 is expensive though. At $5 I'd get two though. :)

Salted Caramel Creme Brulee $5

I loved it! A lovely brunt sugar top that cracked when you dug in, I love popcorn - when it's covered in buttery sugary goodness (le beau got me popcorn from Happy Lab :) and a perfectly not too sweet creamy creamy custard like filling. Recommenced? Yes! Price? Hmm... just this once? :) Sadly they were closed when I came back for the second one. Next time we'll buy everything at the same time.  

We got restricted view seats, very close to the stage. So close we could see all the cameras and screens. One of the conductor's front (rarely seen from an audience's POV), another of what people at home can see (it was a live event) and a 3rd that had the words for the hosts to read from, while recording them. 

The Crowd & Tech Booth

Half Giant People & Stunning Dresses!
They also wore very high uncomfortable looking heels!
That's Glinda the Good/White Witch (Oz) in White!

Boys' & Girls' Choirs

The Cast of Les Misérables Performs God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Candles! You could mix and match the base, stick and holder part. 

Oh look it's a bear!

Disappointed by lack of confetti cannons and balloon drops. :P

But someone did record their tv and upload the full show here. Tickets for seats are $180/90 (concession) cheapest option was picnic but to get a good spot there were people who started lining up in the morning - note that gates open 4pm-ish and the show doesn't start till 8pm. Will I go again? Yes. Though they did take away all the DSLRs because channel 9 wanted to be the only one to get decent pictures... most people don't have a pro camera unless they're an actual photographer so I don't get the problem?

Did you go/watch Carols by Candlelight?

Blogger Unknown said... on January 04, 2015 3:10 PM  

I'm been to the rehearsal night a couple of times which from memory was around $10. You get to see the performers practice their songs.
One year we got to chat to Deltra Goodrem who was taking photographs with the crowd.

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