Lego at Myer @ Thursday, January 29, 2015

So this year I didn't get to go to Brickvention as I was working, but le beau did and didn't bring the camera... But I did get some cool pictures of iconic Melbourne sights at Myer above the Emporium.

Luna Park

Flinders Street Station

Where can I buy this maiden?


Barbie just because it was on the same floor :P
It's not as cool as it used to be though, too much Dream House aka Big Brother.
And not enough Classic Princesses.

It's pretty cool, if you love lego check it out!

Inspired by others I'm bring a lego guy around for some shots. It's pretty cool but also challenging as most of these pictures look like they were taken with the figure on the ground - which means you need to be on the ground too, or have a table/something stable. We need to get blue tack too for shots like the roadtrip.

Have you seen many awesome pictures featuring adventures of a lego guy?

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