The Best of 2014 - Part 1 @ Friday, January 23, 2015

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2014 was a year of many adventures and firsts, 2015 I'm hoping for more adventures out west as my college is out there and it's my last year - I think, there's still masters to consider but I'm not too keen on staying. We're also looking for more higher involvement events, rather than things I've done many times before, this is a real challenge as events is a highly competitive field, I haven't made any friends in my course. We're also going to learn to drive - on the left side of the road! - which has a major obstacle as legally I can't drive due to my disability, obtained at work in July 2013. I can also barely write, take a picture with one hand and type funny. 


2014's Summer Adventure had us chasing pianos around the city and playing each one. I don't recall that day being too hot and we had lots of fun. Being long distance, and seeing each other weekly we don't have that many adventures together. One of my best memories was him playing 'Moonlight Sonata' and me playing 'Claire de Lune' in the moonlight on the Southbank Footbridge.

I've had been to a fun e.g. chocolate factory before so going on an exclusive tour at Krispy Kreme was great! The only tour I've been to before this was a slaughterhouse tour - it was traumatic, I now and for the past decade haven't eaten pork/bacon/ham/salami. Mother enjoyed it very much though. During the tour we got to dip the donuts in choc and sprinkles!

On a very hot summer day we went on a Polaroid adventure. Still got two packs of film for more carefully planned adventures. At almost $3 a picture you need to plan this stuff. Always wanted a Polaroid though I'm sure they weren't this expensive in the 80s.

For the first time in three years we went exploring near school, which is not recommenced because it's not exactly safe like the city. We found a duck pond, some great sets for a photo shoot and a path along the river.

What was recommended in the area was hot jam donuts, which took me 3yrs to try because I question the hygiene levels in the area, it's very dirty and has also a 2nd/3rd world feel out there. There's a reason people only eat at Subway and they have no competitors.

My first and last major events project where I designed the entire thing myself. No teamwork involved. None. Other than the presentation where 3/4 was present. What kind of idiot orders 10 chairs for an event for 10,000 people?! It was my first major event, but also last in that this is the only one we do at school. So not prepared for a real job. Also you have no idea how hard it is to even get a volunteer job, the application, interview, if it's this hard how hard is it to get a job that pays?

We went to a crafty high tea, love the idea! And chicken sandwiches too.

Wedding Season, we checked out a few venues and met Mike the weather guy.

Arty Craft Glitter Fun at Work!

Wedding Workshop - It may cost in the hundreds but was great! It's a full day course, fully catered and the food's great - unlike most weddings/formal events I've been to that aren't based on food. We learnt so much and got a folder full of everything we need, with tabs and everything. I would love a computer version of this, as it was all on paper.

At Comic-Con I saw Emma! No I did not go into fan girl mode, nor do I think I posses that ability. In the show I see her personality more than her looks, and didn't realize how pretty she was! The year before they had Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy.

At Aramageddon we met Sydney aka the Magic Mirror! OUAT.

There were also some amazing cosplays, these were my favourites.

In June there was the annual Good Food & Wine Show. This year we were invited to participate in a workshop! Though we we did gets tickets to go on the Friday, the least crowded day.

GreazeFeast came upon us. Vintage cars and rock&roll. I regret to say I didn't dance.

We went to the circus, it was amazing!

A trip to Williamstown for a day at a handmade market.

Some of the best performances last year, the Callaway Sisters were amazing!

We saw a stylist and for the first time in years went shopping in the actual shop instead of online. Not too fond of social interactions when I can avoid them. :P

A dairy expo! Included lots of ice cream and cheese.

Not Under a Category

A blog achievement for this year was that we finally changed the url.

We also got on instagram.

How cool is this potion?

The Best Movies I Saw This Year

Costumes and period dramas I love.

This year we lost the Genie/Mrs Doubtfire, Finn (Glee) and Frost (I&R).
I do believe the last was cancelled or pause due to sudden suicide.

Two series we finished and started this year. Modern Family, and Royal Pains which is unlike anything else I'm watching. Set in the Hamptons it's always warm and sunny but sunglasses and hats aren't as popular as out to be.

One of the most amazing sets, inspiration for our wedding.

And we have our something blue!

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