We discovered 'The Tudors' but Turkish with French-inspired costumes, Muhtesem Yüzyil or "The Magnificent Century". Based on events the life of a Ottoman Sultan (king). 

They have amazing costumes, those sleeves I love and headpieces that are a bit over the top, even for me.  

The first episode is 1.40 long... that's like almost a movie length. It starts with news of the dead king and the main guy being promoted like in the Tudors. Titles flash though the main girls, and there's a little showdown between what looks like the queen vs mistress (Catherine & Anne), there's cardinals and pretty costumes, and headpieces, I love headpieces! 

Main guy has 3 dead brothers and a sister, Henry 8th has one dead brother (older hence he got to be king) and a sister, Mary (I think, or Margarette).

I was right! It was around the same time as the Tudors. As the king sees Charles Rome, Francis of France and Henry Tudors as rivals.

They have taps and mascara, and a word lost in translation 'sherbert' means water I think.

It's very different from the Tudors in a way, exucuation wasn't a form of public entertainment, the girl of the night wasn't picked by the king but rather given to him. The whole concubine system is odd, they didn't have that in the Tudors, though did in ancient china (we studied that a bit at school). 

The end is quite amusing. Episodes go for 1.40hrs and are just too long and slow. Also no one did it, well it was implied but nothing like the Tudors. And no one was really killed, other than a bad guy and a village, but it wasn't as dramatic as Tudors.   

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