Turkish Tudors - Magnificent Century @ Friday, January 02, 2015

A while back I discovered 'Magnificent Century' aka a series about the Turkish Tudors with French Inspired costumes. Set around the same time as the Tudors I'm here for the fashion and drama. I saw an episode and then skipped to the end as episodes are very long at 100 mins! Also I watch it with subtitles and so there's an intense amount of concentration required to understand what they're saying.

The Main Cast - His best man, sister, mother, mistress and wife.

Like the Tudors it focus's on the King. I think the woman back left is his mother, then his best man (who he kills) two random lords (not important in the first episode). Orange haired girl is his mistress (Anne Boleyn) who lasts throughout the story and doesn't die till the end. On the right is his sister (I think) and in front is his wife (who's important because she gave him a son, who he (I think) kills when it's an adult). The story lasts much longer than the Tudors it seems as he & the mistress have five kids who become adults and all try to kill each other for the throne.

His mother looks fantastic for someone who has a son around 30.

I love that headpiece!

I don't like that (almost) all the costumes are so modest. 
This one makes her look like a Disney Villain. XD

I think this is the sister? She runs off with the best man.
Like Mary Tudors & Henry's best friend (who he doesn't kill).
This whole outfit is stunning! Though I'd add some black.

Season One

The Trainer - I Love this Dress!

The Wife - Loving the Style!

The Mistress - Corsets!

Zooming Out. How you seduce a guy with a dance I have no idea.

Courtiers - Unlike the Tudors there's lots of bright & bold colours.

Random Spanish Princess - Always Named Isabelle

Mary of ??? - Not from this Series

The Mistress's Rise of Power Walk
Looking stunning in green!

That's still her, but older. With the sister and trainer I think.

Headpieces are always a good idea - unless you need a neck brace to keep your head up. 

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