Choukette's Croissants in Brunswick @ Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saturday 14th Feb. 

The day started sitting outdoor (I forgot it was the smoking area...) on the side of a busy street, drinking coffee (him) and hot chocolate (me) while eating pastries. Something with lemon custard coated in caramelized sugar, a mini pain au chocolat and croissant. The later le beau loves dipped in his coffee. 

He loves doing this, catching up over coffee, a rare moment when I slow down and nothing seems to matter, all the mostly self-inflicted pressure to be better than everyone else is gone, and it's ok to smile and not be so deadly serious all time time. I've been told I'm quite intense and smiles are actually uncommon. 

They have wifi I heard, but when I'm with him I'm never on the phone or online. When together we like to be together and not consumed by technology. Though I'm not a phone person and only use the basic and instagram on the phone, there is no constant texting with friends or le beau when he's not beside me. I don't understand who everyone's texting all the time, though this is coming from someone who sees their friends twice a year, max.

I have actually being to Chokette before, though le beau didn't know that and picked this cafe as he wanted me to try the croissants, and it was near where were going to have lunch. 

My hot chocolate was average, delivered hot, made from powder I can't remember the last time I had one of these. Because when I go for  hot chocolate we always go to Lindt, which can't be compared to your average cafe that uses powder most of the time, or something syrup.

The pastries were good though the one with curd was said to be lemon, but the citrus was very light, more of a hint. Here we should take into considering in the past week I had an intense yuzu tart. The croissants were good but nothing amazing. We've had the normal sized one before which was more crunchy, that was different from the mini. 

The Regular - Side View $3.40

Service was excellent, the waitress was lovely and explained all the different pastries they had, and was warm & friendly. I do wish outdoors it was a no-smoke zone. Wonder what the policies on that are nowadays. 

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Recommendations? If you happen to be in town check it out, though today by 1pm they were sold out. The big croissants are $3.40-ish. Not the best croissants, but they are lovely, all golden and crunchy on top. 

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