T(arts) by LuxBite - V'Day Edition @ Monday, February 23, 2015

Slow and steady but we're getting through these posts, it's a week of food posts coming up this, well, week. First up in LuxBite, V'Day Edition. Limited edition creates a rush and a sense of urgency to get them before they're gone. In most cases limited does mean limited, though not always. It's similar to having sales, there is a store near work that is literally called "50% OFF Sale", no it's not a closing down sale, or a sale. It's just the name of the shop. There are also shops around that are forever "closing down". Fortunately LuxBite does mean limited edition when they say that (there was one exception a while back).

T(arts) by LuxBite is a small take-away only shop on Flinders Lane, near The Grain Store, from the creators of LuxBite in South Yarra. They sell tarts, a standard set, some limited edition ones and seasonal ones (I missed the mango one!). Only a couple blocks from Southern Cross, we walked there. Or from Flinders tram over to King St then walk up and left.

Limited Edition

So many choices...

Standard Set - Think of the Tart Base as a Pie Crust & Hollow

Prices - Prices start from $8+ You could order a cake made of tarts too.

Macaroons I'm kinda over, though do love the special/limited ed. ones.

This one's pineapple even though it's red? Lunar New Year Set.
It's perfect as expected/always, with a piece of dried pineapple in the center. 

Yuzu $8
Raspberry, matcha marshmallow, meringue, baby shiso, vanilla tart

This one was perfect, as we love citris, le beau especially and we especially adore anything with yuzu. Le beau thought the tart was a solid block like cookie, which isn't correct. It's filled with the main in ingredient, the title name and in this case yuzu. This tart is the perfect size too, especially if you want to share a few tarts. 

'L' - Part of the V'Day Edition LOVE Set $9.50  
Strawberry, matcha, whipped white chocolate ganache filled profiteroles, vanilla tart. 

The profiteroles were soft and bite size, as I bit down white chocolate ganache flowed out of the pastry, filling my mouth with smooth and sweet (but not too sweet) chocolate. To that we added a slice (picture a scalpel) of matcha tart, with a suprize layer of strawberry jam. It was beautiful, with the flavours being an accompaniment to one other.

I like it but don't love it, because I'm not a matcha person but if you like it strong this is the one. Those balls of perfection however I love. Le beau decided to dip his balls (well 1.5 ball) into salted caramel, because he loves salted caramel as I love cake.

Styled & Taken by Le Beau 

'O' $9.50
Raspberry, Rose, Lychee, Vanilla & Rose Mascarpone Mousse, Vanilla Tart

I love rose & lychee so this one's winner to me. 
Creative as there was the use of mascarpone, 
which isn't used as much as white chocolate. 
It was soft, smooth and beautiful.

He prefers this picture to match the heart eyes tart. 

Emoji $9
Mango, Yoghurt, Lime Syrup Soaked, White Choc Sponge, Choc Tart

We let him pick a tart, and he picked this one over the Mork which I guesses he would choose, as this one's limited edition. While le beau loves mango he doesn't love it as much as I do, and so I think he chose this one with me in mind. Compared the others it wasn't as impressive and bit basic really. It was still good, but not $9 good.

Inside View

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Have you been to T by LuxBite? 
Did you try any of the limited edition tarts?

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