Ballet, Musicals and Perfect Curls @ Saturday, March 21, 2015

Monday 9th March

Today we made it to one class out of two, slept in till 5pm! 
The alarm went off at 11pm... it's a clock you wined so no am/pm option.

Along the way we had dim sims from South Melb Dim Sims, I prefer steamed over deep fried. Though they're a bit salty for me, won't get them again, unlike their amazing 3 thin layers of potato in the potato cake - this best! 

I found this in a book in the self-help section. Totally true for me. For me it's le beau, Hector & Ian. Two of those guys I haven't seen/spoken to in years. One thing they all have in common is that they're all important men in my life at some point. All three are/were also teachers.


Ballet was this week's arts performance.

The Red Dress tells a bittersweet and beautiful love story in Southern China. In an old town, a boy named Ayong (played by Zeng Ming) and a girl named Yue'er (played by Cheng Lin) are childhood playmates, and, in the first bloom of love pledge to marry. Ayong promises Yue'er he will "return home in silken robes and take her as his bride" and leaves town to make a living. 

Time passes and Ayong himself disappears without a trace. Yue'er, alone in her imagination, longs for the festivity and joy of the "ten-mile red dowry" of her wedding day, and waits in her beautiful dreams. Through the unique language of Chinese folk dance this production conveys the grandness and exquisiteness of China’s folk culture, as well as the Chinese dream and pursuit of peace and happiness.

It was a beautiful ballet with amazing flowing dresses, there was subtitles though we were too far back to read them - that and my vision isn't that great anyway. There was a couple Manchurian Headpieces, though none that I loved. I love them though, fancy headboards with flowers and tassels, big ones, that hang off the sides. But how do they stay up? 


Potential Layout

When in doubt google it. Spent forever with Emma working the post 2013 blogger template, it has been a while since I coded the blog. When google bought blogger the codes changed. We inserted the code and it didn't work. Turns out you need to do the reverse of a back-up, you need to restore via upload the xml file. 


Fridays are spent with the dentist. Though afterwards we had cake, went shopping, back to the office and then bought dinner to eat on the way home, yes I like to eat on the train.

Pandan Crepe Cake $7. It was delicious! But tiny and expensive. Would I get it again? No sorry, but it's totally based on the price. If it was $4 then I'd get it again.

I love this flower, I have a thing for glitter. A pink poppy.

Pretty but not practical.

A hat for $2.80? I'll take both, going to create some Austen-era bonnets.
The top one is very very floppy, the bottom less, but the zebra print is superglued on.

Tins great for baking for one, if the batter isn't stuck all over the bowl. :P

Cute baskets, toddler size. Mini little red riding hood?
We're totally going to have cosplaying kids. :P

Daiso's stocking Japanese cookies!

The Calpris is made in Indonesia, but the rest is is made in Japan. Panda cookies are like Tint Teddy's but not as heavy and buttery, a light cookie with the back coated in milk & white chocolate. Why is my box mostly full of air? Box is 1/4 full, not cool. Glico Pocky Gokuboso aka Pocky Sticks were good, which I'd get again. Lotte Koala Cookie aka Koala's March, was pockets of chocolate, it was ok. Dars Milk Chocolate we have yet to try.

Chicken Tikka Plate $11.50 from the local-ish Indian place a couple blocks away from the apartment. Chicken that was on a skewer, a few leaves and garlic naan. It was quite good but missing a tzataiki dip, this would be perfect as a wrap, that would make it easier to eat on the go.


I do not know what possessed me to get up at 5am to pack showbags. Why? Because it wasn't the job description I was given. Coffee expo, packing showbags and greeting visits. My shoulders hurt after being on my feet all day. Not being a coffee person I only tried Mork which was too dark for me, though I'm happy to give to another go. $30 entry totally worth it if you were going to sample every stall there. :P Which le beau tried to do.

Crashed on the tram, go to Flinders and then went back out west, whoops. 2.5hr trip home, well I never made it home, as I crashed while le beau was changing for dinner and woke up at 6am the next day... He tried to wake me for dinner but it didn't happen.  


The day started with brunch in the garden, I didn't have my camera on me... but he made Milo and pancakes <3 We had tickets to the cake show, though I was exhausted and it wasn't going to happen. Next year we'll go there first morning they're open.

In the afternoon we saw 'Bryn Terfel & Lisa McCune Sing Broadway Classics' which was good. I recognize a grand total of two songs. :P I love musicals though didn't really know those ones.

After the show I saw le beau again and we went for a walk, exploring Southgate. Froyo for him and a cupcake for me. He ate it before I took a picture. I had a Pandan Cupcake that was delicious!

We're working on getting a new face for le beau. His face makes it look like he was the kidnapper, with her forced smile it's not a great look. Le beau would also like longer legs as he is much taller than me. :P

Went on an info search on hair curling machines that I know nothing about :P I wished each box had pictures of all the styles it would produce. Not a fan of Carrie style curls, but I love the ones on the right.

How was your week? Have you ever bought a hair curling wand? 

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