Part 2 of this post is about the dresses. I have yet to find the one, and don't think I will. Though I do have a good idea of what I'm after, and so we're getting a custom dress. A ballgown silhouette, think Cinderella, with sleeves of some sort, and a sweetheart (aka heart) neckline, or v-neck. Maybe the sleeves would be big and flowy, like silk chiffon. The top would be laced in the back like a corset. It'll be dark purple, with colourful (?) sequins, rhinestones and diamontes. And to top it off I'd like to have a big headpiece, a French Hood. There's nothing white at our wedding. :P But still we like to look and touch pretty dresses.    

The materials of this dress look super delicate - the details are amazing. It's pretty but not my style in terms of material/fabric as it's very delicate and not well, more structured. I do like the shoulder and belt.

If I was going you bet I'd pick something like this to create, where we (meaning I) would cut out each circle and make flowers. My area is more papercraft, though I'd imagine there's a machine for fabric like a paper puncher, think hole puncher but much bigger.

My style is big is better, like this tulle skirt on the left. Sequins are lovely, the way the light bounces off them. With a dark purple dress, I immediately pictured black sequins which is too dark. I do like the idea of an assorted/rainbow selection. Meanwhile as we're taking to you the dark side, le beau would like to mention that we shall be having cookies. :P

Detailing... I'm fascinated how this was made exactly. By hand?

I love the soft flowing dress, and that shower head flower is fascinating. Think it's part of a lotus. The dress one the right is pretty cool, 20s inspired I think with the fringe detailing.

Satin feels amazing against your skin, though with all the lining and boning in the bodice/corset part I wouldn't be able to feel it. We'll get a chemise matching the dress though, with the same material. Dress on the right is the same one above on the rack.

Bohemian Inspiration & Mermaid Style

Suits from Hugo Boss

The Runway

There was an area with all the bridesmaids' dresses, complete with lounge seats they have in wedding shops, and a security guy. I thought security was there to make sure no one would try on the dresses :P but it was actually to make sure no one takes them home. I like looking and touching clothes, but trying them on not so much. That and they're all sz8. Why? Because when something is smaller it uses less fabric and is cheaper to produce, that and all the mannequins are sz8 or smaller.  

Food was limited but there was mediocre food tracks, no one well known really other than
Trailer Made. There was also a coconut stall, and two stalls with coffee.

Ed Dixon Food Design - The best way to sell your product/service is to let potential clients sample it, your signature dishes though. Cheese platters are hard to get wrong, that and most caterers don't make their own cheese. Not your best example, however the brownies are amazing! I'm not a brownie person, but I loved this one! 

We haven't picked our venue which might come with a caterer. But I might check out Ed's hampers. Hampers, picnic baskets and bentos I absolutely love! Because it's hard to buy the ingredients just to make one/two of something, that and I don't cook. 

Furniture Hire

Cotton Candy - Perfect for a circus/carnival themed wedding.

Popcorn's also great, though more for a party then wedding for us.

These flowers are most fascinating.

I'm surprised there was no gyms, crash diets, cosmetic surgery or tanning stalls at this wedding expo. Because lots of people including girls I actually know get lots of work done before the wedding, mainly losing weight. 

This is our second wedding expo, and it's definitely true when they say when you've seen one you've seen them all. These events for us are more for finding vendors and comparing prices then getting inspiration. Also we found that those who invest in marketing in such ways as this often cost more than places you find on etsy, but of the real world. Small relatively unknown places. e.g. For all your cake needs every church has that little old lady (often a widow) who makes the most amazing cakes.

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