Sweet Coffee with a Dash of Rum @ Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monday 2nd March

Mail! The last card arrived today and so we have all 5/5 V'Day cards sent last month.

Not a morning person, but we did make it to class, just in time-ish. Personality tests and self-awareness. Interesting results. One of mine was off the charts. :P And it turns out I'm an introvert? Thought I was an ambient. How open are we? No enough to try sashimi aka raw fish. 

Got lost on my way to the next class at a different venue and we found city hall, the police station, warehouses, a bike track, a place with lots of trucks, a gov dept office and street that smells like the sewers. But we made it!

Theatre. Exploring things. Including portals to magical worlds, though an arch, under a bridge and there was a throne. The throne everyone fights over in a fantasy movie. 


It's 1.30am and I'm wide awake. Class went well, mrs marketing is interesting. Her advice is to do a year of work and then do masters. So this semester I got 3 subjects the gov will pay part of (we have duo citizenship), and next semester one subject I'll pay full-fee for $2k-ish. Meanwhile studying I will get my first real job! Or try to, if that fails we'll stick with internships. Most days I really don't think my field pays.

Internships, the ones I'm after will cost you a lot more than they pay (nothing, but hopefully lunch? :P) this is one of the ones I'm after, it's got events and creativity which is what I'm after. Also travel's a perk. Just recently found another work, which is just as amazing. 

In class we're doing blogs! Yay! Our blog is on budgeting for students, which I have written about in the past, though really need to fix that crazy formatting. So it's something I can do. Instead of challenging myself, we'll be using blogger, as my partner wanted to go with the safe option. But hopefully we're be working with social media too. 

What is this recent trend of closing before closing time?! For a kitchen in a restaurant I understand, but the library?! I need that 15min before midnight to do scanning, photocopying and printing! Update - We filed a complaint and someone's in trouble, 15min is packing-up time, not when everyone has to be out by. 


Today the library didn't close 15min earlier - but the computers did. It's a new thing.

A sick day filled with sniffles, but we made it! Had some testing done, need to eat less crap. Bad fats high, good low atm, need to reverse that. Got 90% on the test! For someone as fit as a slug that's great. Blood was involved though sadly no red jelly beans. :(

After that workout we were sleepy... I tend to shower and nap Saturday afternoons after sport. But in this case we just had a mocha, the coffee guy and checkout guy smiled O.O in 3yrs this has never happened. He must have recognized me from events or something. 

Class ended early and so we were off to dinner $5 nakid burritos! At that Mexican place at the Emporium. It very different to MadMex, they had sour cream though I said no (we're working on this diet thing!)

There was no lettuce
Yay fish! MM doesn't do fish.
Larger serving than MadMex
No chemical liquid cheese!

DJ had a mini event on, the kind they only post about on the day... Thursdays because they're quieter than Fridays, a good way to get more people through the door. They were advertising comfortable denim that was more like yoga pants or 'jeggings' that was so flexible you could do ballet in them (they had two dancers, randomly in front of a stand). There was canapes (moving faster than me), champagne and Fiji Water, which I was disappointing to discover tastes like every other cold bottled water.

What's with orange maniquins? But that dress is nice. The orange is very amusing though, if it's meant to reflect the need for a "sun-kissed glow" or "healthy tan" hello cancer. 

Back to the apartment where we answered emails and started some work. We didn't finish it, but we did make a pretty good start, till I realized I had no idea what I was on about...


The day started with the dentist, potential root canal! How did it get so bad? Spent the afternoon freaking out, no work was done. 

Come dinner time we were in pain, and so had a bowl of miso for dinner $2 and a rum & raisin cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Also had half a yucky vegie juice, Boost was closed sadly. 

This week's performance is a musical, Sweet Charity. I do wish dance hall hosts existed today! Jas is certain the girl in the top right picture is a man. I don't know as we didn't see her enough, as she wasn't in most scenes, that or she dressed differently and we didn't recognize her.

Bad but delicious decisions were made that night.

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