A Tropical Vacation @ Friday, April 10, 2015

To me a vacation involves somewhere warm but not hot, sunny and with a flexible timetable that doesn't run to the minute like a train. Oh and lots of fresh food, nothing deep fried that I can find on every corner in the city, though there would be cake. While people call traveling through Europe a holiday, that's not my definition. Yes I'd love to tour Europe but that's a highly planned trip where lots of things can go wrong, and definitely not relaxing. This is kinda some pictures of inspiration for our honeymoon, before a trip around Europe. Le beau enjoys exercising O.o and would like to add that...   

 I'd love to stay at a hut over water, one that we didn't have to go in a helicopter or mini water plane to get to. I hate flying! The people in particular. I've never had a good flying experience, though he assures me it's because we didn't fly first class. But that lift motion still puts me off.

There would be no stig/mantra rays or sharks, or anything scary in the water. At some point we'd stay a hotel with a pool that lit up like the stars (see top right) and at night it would be warm enough to float, on, say a giant blowup pink flamingo. 

Lots of fresh coconut water!

Sushi and all things fresh. Especially salmon, when there's seafood on the menu I'll always order it. It's a dish I associate with eating out, as we never had or will have it at home. Why? Because mother said no. "Why buy fresh when you can buy it in a can, that'll never go off?" Someone likes it cheap, and one day we'll know that all these canned and packaged foods are contributing to the 1 in 3 cancer rates. When we have our own place it'll happen though, the salmon. 

On this vacation there would be lots of fresh fruit, including berries (that aren't $7 a punnet), pawpaw, dragonfruit, yellow kiwi and mango. No kale or that funny green thing in the bottom left picture though. Spinach and rocket I'm cool with though.

We'd spend afternoons making pretty things, watching Avatar (hmm... not sure about that one there, we spend most of our lives attached to a screen already. What if it was a like movie screen, one we watched from floaties in a pool?) and reading. Catching up on Pretty Little Liars and the Great Classics.

Dinners on the Beach

The weather would be perfect, warm nights, not windy.

Once we get back we'll be planning our next adventure!

Might this be where our next trip takes us?

Where does your dream vacation take you?

Blogger Akika (Ichigo Shortcake) said... on April 13, 2015 12:30 AM  

Love this idea of putting all the dreamy photos in one place. I have to agree with you, sitting by a beach in the tropics sounds very enticing right now. :D

Your comments section won't allow me to type in just my url so I have to use my Google account. Maybe you should consider changing the format?

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on April 13, 2015 5:06 AM  

Thanks for your comment. I will definitely check that out, the comments thing.

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