A Week Off @ Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday 31st March

Today we went for an gentle water exercise class that was surprisingly tiring. I love the noodle! Was hesitant to get into the water as I haven't swam since back home (<2008) and I think I'm scared of water... but it went well. As usual I'm the only not a senior-citizen participating. If you look much better wearing a top, why would you take it off? *Old people are scary!*

Rushed off to a meeting after, we're hoping to get a comittee to plan a fundrazing dinner for 90-ish people. My first dinner! We're doing it from start to finish, relying on the limited information from past years... For another event we kept EVERYTHING on file from past years. :P Though the demographic is young professionals in the city. 



My last dance class for a while, well till June/July after exams. We had lots of fun tonight. Danced with Beyonce, a very quiet guy - as quiet as morman, but more fun. What would happen if they were in a room together I wonder? Beyonce has style like no one, and is good teacher. His quote is "Look left!" because as soon as I look right it doesn't work. 

Also danced with morman, he's a nice guy, not sure about as a teacher though. He insists I'm doing fine or it's good, when I'm stepping or tripping over his feet. But he did try to guide me - like when I'm moving in the opposite direction to where we're suppose to go. :P At one point he sighed, even though I said I'm totally open to constructive criticism. We wonder how well he does that at work. Lucky for him I rarely ever dance with him, as I don't think mrs morman likes me. Though I'd still like to get to know them both better - in a non-creepy way. 


6.30pm is a time I'm always booked and so I was curious where I was each day...

Sat - traveling to dinner
Sun - at a show
Mon - theatre workshop
Tues - traveling to meeting
Wed/Thu - in class

Today we were still a bit "hungover" from last night. I am not usually fun, not at school anyway. Lunch plans moved to Friday. The day started with a meeting, suits not required, at Father's Office, a bar/restaurant located beside the State Library, ran by the same guys as Asian Beer Cafe at Melb Central (?). With a 20s American Prohibition theme, suspenders for the boys, Flapper gear for the girls. We were there for drinks and pie. 

Introducing Zomato, who has acquired Urbanspoon, adding more features, an app (launching 16th April) and changed the colour theme to red, from orange/blue). There's lots of awesome features for those who plan as they go. You can pick an area but drawing a circle around it, and the say, pick a cuisine. Jas will love to give this ago.

Father's Office has mixed review, iffy service and wrong orders delivered among them. We had popcorn chicken delivered, when what we actually ordered with pie. I'm guessing with that many mistakes they mustn't have written down which table ordered what. 

Key Lime Pie $7
Creamy Kaffir Lime Tart with Meringue & Fresh Chantilly Cream

The pie was good, with 80% meringue and 20% pie. But I think this is the lemon meringue pie, I didn't really taste the lime. And I know lemon meringue when I taste it, I had too much of it at an event... Apple & Pumpkin remain my favourites. 

On our way to our next stop we went to Myer, the goal was to buy a chubby stick aka lip crayon from Clinque. But there was too many shades of red to choose from! We also have a colour dupe. I don't know which one to choose... and with that we'll work it out tomorrow when we have more time.

Quick stop by the Library. 

This week's food adventure is a revisit to a favourite, that has changed a lot since our first visit a few years ago. The uniforms and service has changed, it's a hit/miss these days, though nothing too bad. Just more dust and dirty things.

The Friday Before This One

Tonight we went to see Wil Anderson, which was good. Fernando said he saw me laugh once XD should note that I have resting bitch face syndrome :P. After the show we (I) went for a walk down China Town seeking buns. A healthier dessert, though what I really wanted was froyo. :P We found the buns! Along with 100 or so more. God knows how long ago they were made... but I forgot that at the time.   

One reason I don't like going to asian eateries/resturants is about of the rules.

  • 1. Price differences, eat in costs more than take-away. And I'm not talking about your 50c container. Though I think this is more than just asians, it includes a French cafe in Brunswick and Lindt too.
  • 2. If you order snacks only you gotta pay $1+ extra per person. Not cool, often I'm only there for a snack. And I never go during peak hours.
  • 3. Cash Only. This is so they can cheat on tax - I know this because I was in accounting, the best accountants help you cheat on tax. Jas, who 's in accounting doesn't agree with that. 

Tonight we had the steamed buns from Nam Loong Resturant, they have everything except Pandan. $1.80 cold, $2 hot because they need to steam it. If you want to eat in it's a different price. 

I'm curious what the  Golden Sands Bun is?

We had the egg custard, black sesame and red bean. I didn't like the custard but jas did, it the consistency was less paste/doughy and more like mushy apple cups for your toddler. Red bean was ok though a bit on the bland side. Black sesame was too sweet and the texture was sandy, that filling needs to be smooth. A quick cheap snack. A visit to EC Kitchen for their buns is still on the list. For better pictures of the buns see yellowyellow eggs. 

On the way back to the car, by complete random chance I found $$, and there was no one around who could have dropped it. It was outside a theatre, with no one around.  

Jas was shocked to discover I didn't take a picture of the buns :P not the ones I ate anyway. Bad lighting, limited time on the go, and lack of a camera. 

The Friday that Goes with this Week

When you're killed off the first person they suspect is your partner. That is absolutely terrifying, as the same person wants to spend lots of time with you hence married you.

Someone I saw this week triggered the what-if I get attacked thought (no not le beau). This guy I saw is an acqutience, and I know that he's very strong, though have never seen it first hand. Maybe he's even stronger than me when I rage and turn into Hulk. He didn't attack me or anything, we just got a sample of his strength and it's kinda scary. He's nice but he's also that Mr Nice Guy no one would suspect would turns out to be a psycho. That is a scary thought, as guys are usually what they seem and girls are not. Hence I'm adding taking self denfense classes to my to-do list.

A day with le beau, delicious ice cream by the Yarra, a new dr and work. Someone was mean to me at work, when I tried to give her the phone she said to get out of the way and do my job and let her do hers'. I was giving her the phone because the call was for her... But everyone else was nice, like the manager and medics, who said I was a bit excited about announcing someone got hurt and required their help. :P

Before that we were late to meeting due to "traffic".

The Other Saturday

Went to see a show that sucked. The c**t word was used as often as on boys' night. I didn't like it. This is actually the worst show I have ever seen, and we've seen 100+ over the years. It was as if swearing was funny or something. 

Afterwards we had froyo and fries... I do love froyo. But it is an expensive treat. No pictures were taken as it didn't look like great. Lychee was gross, green tea was ok, this was from the blue froyo place that has white dentist waiting room lighting. And poor service. Help yourself samples don't work out so well. 

Best part of the night was stopping by Kmart to discover their 50% easter eggs/stock sale starts Easter Sunday! As in Midnight! We got a 32 box of Malteasers for $16 and 60+ other eggs for $30 in total. All things Cadbury expires 1st June, Lindt in July and Bunnies in Aug. 

Le beau did give me chocolate too, a Dream set <3 At Kmart we didn't find any Lindt Carrots sadly. Helen also stocked up for Greek Easter. :P

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