Cinderella 2015 @ Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday 30th March

Today we went to see Cinderella, her dress is so pretty... 

The prince should get an award for not stepping and slipping on it!

Ella'a mom is Agent Carter! It's amazing what hair, make-up and styling can do.

The stepsisters with their questionable choice of patterns. They look like dolls.
Dolls with too much pattern, and awesome curls with interesting hats.
That is a hat and not headpiece right?

Into the Woods - Stepsisters always have amazing hair seems.

Lady T has amazing style too, unlike her daughters. Green is definitely her colour.

Who walks their cat on a leash?

Meanwhile at the palace...

Skip a few chapters and Cinderella's ready for the ball. Or so she thinks...

Following her mother's wishes for her to be kind she meets the Fairy Godmother.

Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother was an unexpected suprize, she always plays the crazy dark characters (Bellatrix Lestrange, Mrs Lovett, The Red Queen) to see her in a white dress is quiet odd. 

Why is it day inside the glasshouse? 

We love the Fairy Godmother though, makes the mistake of transforming a pumpkin indoors! And that part where the carriage shrinks with her inside was so Alice in Wonderland.

My favourite part of the movie - the transformation of the dress!

The Dress

I can't imagine these glass slippers being comfortable? But they're stunning!

I read in an interview that they were CG-ed on, it was a computer effect because glass doesn't make good shoes. Add pressure and it shatters. For a cosplay best to get white/silver shoes and modge podge iridescent cellophane over it. 

The animals into coach/footmen was interesting, the lizards still had the teeth/tongue and skin. But how do they get them to act like people? And why did no one notice they look odd?

It's amazing what lighting can do.

The Dress! Ella arrives fashionable late to maximize attention. :P

We liked the added evil guy, and the prince's friend, the big black guy who's name is unknown, he's addressed as Captain. Though we know that he also happens to be Dracula's assistant. 

Cinderella's dress is amazing, much like the odd size of her waist. The way it moves, it's like it's floating... I wasn't really a fan of the ball, it me it looked old and dated, the colours and patterns of the dresses and all. There have been some amazing balls, but this wasn't one of them.

Prince Kit, what an odd name... takes her into a secret garden like Ella Enchanted's version of Cinderella. The difference is Kit doesn't propose and she doesn't try to kill him. :P

Midnight - Running in that dress takes skill. That or it's much shorter than the promo picture.

The dress reminds me of this one, which is closer to the original.

Leaving a shoe behind as a clue, the Prince searches the land far and wide for her.
Not a fan of those capes... the front is very odd. The Prince disguises himself as a guard.

The stepmother gets her scene and tells her story. Locks Ella up.
But the princess still finds her, Rapunzel style, lead by her voice.

Turns out Ella is actually a vampire! That'll make a good squeal. :P

Off to the place, of which we don't get a great view of. 
Only enough to know it's not the iconic one.

The Wedding Dress, is nothing like the Disney one, more Edwardian.
I don't like that she adopts the name Cinderella because it's given to her...

There's an exhibition for the costumes, found here and here.

For collectors' there's a doll or three.

Have you seen Cinderella? How magical is the dress? 

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