Charlie & Co dined as guests of San Churro Windsor.

Tuesday 28th April

Today was the start of San Churro's new winter menu featuring six new indulgent desserts and drinks, and we were offered to opportunity to sample three of them on Chapel Street, very close to Windsor Station.

8.30pm on a Tuesday Night and the place was abuzz  just like on the weekend, if you're looking for a quiet night out this is not it, unless you sit outside. I imagine on a warm sunny day that would be lovely. 

White choc ice cream with coffee infused chocolate cake, choc fudge and milk chocolate

We started off with tiramisu, one of my favourite desserts in a jar, I love anything in a jar! Even had an aunt send them over from back home. I love tiramisu, it was something to me that I can always make, and has contains the very best in life: chocolate, coffee, cheese, and cream. All we're missing is butter. 

Milk chocolate choc, choc sponge soaked in coffee - but not soggy. Whipped cream on top and ice cream under. Perfect for winter! With the richer flavour, and scents. The balance between the sweet choc bitter coffee was perfect. A delicious delight! And one you could have for dessert after dinner, as it won't keep you up all night. The size and price is great to share between two. 


The star of San Churro’s new winter menu (according to the media release) is
the Crème Brulée. With a Spanish twist, served with mini cinnamon churros and vanilla ice cream.

I love creme brulee and growing up it was my favourite homemade dessert, it was also the only homemade dessert I ever had, and was made using grandma's French recipe (my great grandma was French). Whenever creme brulee is on the menu we always order it, and this time was no exception. 

Much to my disappointment this one for me was a miss, not because of the lumpy grainy texture because it was cooked too quick (I'm sure that doesn't always happen) but because of the fake vanilla flavour which at first I could only identify as strange, though jas pin pointed it to flavour have been used instead of the real deal. So that would be a miss on quality of ingredient. But the top cracked perfectly under the spoon, and was beautifully blow torched.  

The churros were a bit over cooked and dry - but this doesn't always happen. We're speaking from experience, as I sometimes drop by for a late night snack after class and whenever we feel like churros this is where we go. 


A delicious combination of moist banana pudding with a molten salted caramel lava centre.
Served warm with vanilla ice cream

Lastly was the salted caramel volcano, banana pudding. A variation of the choc volcano w choc lava, for caramel fans. It was moist and not too sweet perfect by the fire w ice cream. Though it needs more sauce so it just oozes out when you slice into it.

More sauce required.

Did you know the Windsor/Chapel St store offers ice cream too? 

Of the three new winter desserts we tried our favourites was the tiramisi sundae, and then salted caramel pudding - with extra sauce. I highly recommend the sundae for coffee & chocolate lovers. Best of all San Churros is one of those places that's open late (past 9pm) even on a Tuesday Night! The Windsor location is also great being located near the station and the old Astor, opening again in June. 

Which dessert do you look forwarding to trying? 
What's your favourite dessert in winter, and how do you like to eat it? 
e.g. By the fire with a good book. 

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