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Monday 20th April

You know that person who the nice guy that everyone uses as a doormat? The guy who ends up resenting everyone for treating him the way they do, purely because he lets them? That could be me on autopilot, today I let someone borrow my camera and shirt. Le beau's first question was if I was wearing that shirt. I was, but I took it off and wasn't wearing it at the time. 

The girl who asked is sz8 - half my sz, but she asked to borrow it because she didn't have any formal tops, not cause she was making fun of my size. So she had a legit reason to ask. But why? Why would you ever ask to borrow clothes? If it's a prop that you don't have, that's understandable. Something you just want to use once hence not purchase and collect. According to media, in this case tv, girls normally swap and let each other borrow clothes. Why? I don't quite understand all this, because I have no female friends. I have acquaintances, but they're usually half my size.

We need to get le beau these.  

Also let a guy borrow my camera. He knows I am not sending him the pictures because he used flash. Bad pictures taken don't go anywhere but the bin. Le beau wants to know why on earth would I let someone borrow someone borrow my camera. I don't know. It does not benefit me in any way. I do not seek to please or be liked (in fact I'm one of the least liked people this week due to that stupid crazy hard marketing research project). So why am I letting people borrow my stuff? I know I have everything in my bag, but it's for my personal use and not for you to ask to borrow - unless we are friends. But I can count my friends on one hand.

Whose ideas was it to use this font (era 2003) with a shadow? 

Had dinner at Kitchen Samrat, the Butter Chicken ($14) was ok, chewy chicken not ok. Plain Naan ($3) was big which was good and reasonable priced for that size, larger than any other place. The kulfi ice cream ($4) with nuts was very nice and so was the sweet lassi ($3.50) I'd go here for dessert and drinks but not chicken.


Tired and so many surveys to do we went into hibernation. But did make it to the recording studio, and edited it. 1/2 completed! We found a better Lady MB! I am not she :P though I'll play her, but we have someone else do the voice. I just designed and directed the piece. 


Tonight we're crashing all over the place. The dr was running late and so we only had 5-10mins. I got there at 12.15, for the 12.30 appointment, 1.35 she sees me. Should have gotten a discount. But nope still gets charged $80 for that 5-10min. 

Mad run to get to lunch before they closed. Made it within 10mins of closing. I hate it when they're in a food court but don't mention that online... No decent pictures were taken.

Marketing research is killing me. Surveys for tourists. Have you ever watched someone selling monthly donations subscriptions or a child in African you pay for but don't get to keep? People either avoid them like the plague or just ignore them. Not sure where the American tourists hang out, but we found some friendly mormans to do the survey. Just like them no one will talk to me either. It's amazed they're still motivated when everyone ignores or avoids them. One was scared when he saw me it was like "you can see me?! O.O". XD


A meeting, class. Oh wow that questionnaire task was so stressful I thought it WAS the project! Nope it's not, I completely missed the project...

Dinner at Angliss Restaurant, now I can say I've sampled most of the menu, well 2 entrees and all 3 mains/desserts. Food varies a lot depending on who made it. Students are also given freedom on presentation.

Security forgot to clear the building before closing... Totally photoshopped.

Real lighting was more like this.

If you're ever after a cheap hair cut/blow we found a place. 


Today we were going into the woods to do a photoshoot, but it was cold, wet and so we had to reschedule. The second idea was to shoot high tea, but then the photographer got sick. It will happen at some point. 

I have no sense of direction, the street changes its name at the intersection. Also 350 is opposite 600. Why? I got lost and so we were late to tea, hence no awesome styled table pictures were taken. 

High Tea at the Providence Cafe. Yum!

Afterwards we went to Ikea, where I did not sit on every chair and lie on every bed. For me Ikea is a half day trip! Instead we checked out curtains, and bought a lantern, candles (for him), cookies and cookie dough.

Loving gingerbread and ginger thins. 

Home. 8pm. Crashed. 


Crashing at 7-8pm last night today we were up at 8.30am. Did nothing but procrastinate all day. We were meant to do things for our anniversary but I was/am overwhelmed by work.

I need to dance for 30 seconds tomorrow night. Solo. And so we went dancing tonight, I love the big 50s circle skirts but that's not what Lady MB will be wearing. Surprisingly morman asked me for the first dance, he doesn't ask me to dance unless we're the only two people alone. I never realized how tall he was! 

There's a reason I don't drive, and one of those is I fall asleep after exercise, or any movement really. I was asleep in the car, and till 5.30am the next day. A Monday.  

Anonymous Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake said... on May 07, 2015 7:04 PM  

I usually don't like to let people borrow anything off me either, unless they are my friend..and like you I can also count my friends on one, maybe at most 2 hands. So I understand. :P

Blogger Curious Charlie said... on May 07, 2015 9:20 PM  

So glad I'm not the only one!

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