Deep Fried Vegan Pasta @ Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday 15th June

I want a Dixie cup. Called 7 stores, nope no one has it. No one. Except online, with a collection fee. It's $2.20 - I just want one. I found someone who knows what it is! But it appears most people in charge of the phone at Coles are Indian and clueless to what is it... 11 stores late and I still haven't got it. :( 

The manager of a store called up Peters, who makes them. Turns out they no longer sell them in sets of 4 in the freeze, only single tubs at $$ prices at convenience stores. I wish head office had told me that when I asked who had stock and they said call around yourself... until I called again after calling 12 stores. 7/11 doesn't have them, but Foodworks does.

Has anyone else spent a morning hunting down something rare? :P 

The rest of the day was better. Missed the bus, but we caught the next one. Returned books I borrowed a few months ago. Moved lunch to make time for cake from Alice Nivens. 

Gingerbread Cake $6.50

This is what $6.50 of cake looks like, nice and big - but I also think this cake was designed for two! Next time I'm bringing half home, and only eating half, portion control. The cream cheese frosting was a bit too sweet (even for me, an American, and we love sugar!) and the edges of the cake was dry, but the inside was good. I don't like ginger, other than gingerbread, but I do like this cake. 

Eftpos minimum is $10 at Alice Nivens.

Off to the dentist. She's running late so I saw someone else, waiting time: 25mins, performance: 10 mins or less. We're late!

Lunch/dinner was next on the list, on the way to a meeting and then class. Both of which didn't happen as I passed out at 5.30pm. Dinner was in a cardboard box though ended up leaking though and into the plastic bag. I love that a vegan greenie place does plastic bags! :)

Take-Away Dinner from Mantra Lounge - Pumpkin & Lentil Tagine on Pasta


This week I've been so busy/tired, and so it's Saturday night and I'm doing a recap of the week. Tuesday all I recall is I went to a meeting, and dinner. I also took a nap on the way to dinner. In between traveling to dinner and the meeting we stopped by Daiso to get some organization stuff, like trays, boxes and dividers, but the ones I've after they don't stock anymore. The lesson: if you see something you like, buy it. 

Dinner at Tuckshop Take Away - Everything was deep fried, smothered in butter or had chocolate it in. Not a single leaf was to be seen. They don't sell salads here. But this was good. :P


Wednesday we went out to lunch, took a walk, then had afternoon tea. Home for a nap then off to class. Yes I have been crashing all over the place, which may have included tea. 

Lunch was at the Angliss Bistro with an Italian Theme

Off on a walk, and then I was back for tea.

But I did do stuff other than eat, I just didn't take pictures. :P


A meeting, panel and weekly networking dinner, at Vapiano. 

Vapiano has very good offers for newsletter subscribers, you get a free meal on/around your birthday, the other week we got free dessert & drinks. And this week there was a BOGOF offer on pizza/pasta. Which the civil lawyer and I took up. 

The civil lawyer like most people I've met aren't into reviews, with even less patience for pictures, hence no picture of what he ate. He had spaghetti with chicken and a tomato base. He enjoyed it very much, said it was delicious and he'd be back. It must be very good, as his area of expertise in food is Italian.

The servings were huge! $20 worth of pasta, if we ignore the fact that pasta's pretty cheap. Vapiano doesn't feel Italian to me, as more like a cafeteria where you order then wait at the counter for your order. They're very fast though.

Gamberi e Spinaci $21
prawns, pesto, baby spinach in a cream sauce

I had the creamy prawn and spinach with spelt flour spaghetti. It was good but twice the amount I normally eat! There was fresh tomatoes as well as the listed ingredients. Good but nothing amazing, unlike the ravioli - the best I've ever had, though I'm no expert on Italian Food. 


Friday, working/chilling at home. Though we did go out for dinner, as well as a meeting before that, oh and lots of scanning files. 

Dinner was at Mantra Lounge (again), as I have a new goal to complete reviews faster, which means an increase in number of visits in a decreased amount of time. So we'll eat at a place twice within a fortnight.

Dessert was at Chillbro Paletas. I had the pistachio dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with nuts (recommended) and rainbow sprinkles (because it's pretty). Jas had the dulce le leche. If you want to read all about it, here's a link to my review.

How was your week? Are you on uni/college break? 

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