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Monday 18th May

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An unexpected dinner, and so we didn't have the camera at the time. Delivery up to my floor from 'Pho N Roll'. Top picture not relevant, but the green bunny matches (almost) the lettuce.

Steamed Burger - Roast Duck with Pickles and Hoisin Sauce $5
Vermicelli Salad - BBQ Beef Wrapped in Betal Leafs $12

The steamed bun was delicious! I love these buns, through I don't think have ever had them served this this. And I love duck! As a small entree or canape it's perfect.The beef in betal leaves is another favourite of mine. This one was average, also smaller than where I usually order from, which doesn't deliver and is out west. 

Service was friendly in the brief moment, a minute or less exchanged with the delivery boy. 


Tonight was the biannual Chadstone VIP Shopping Night. Usually on a Wednesday the week before Melb Central this year it's on a Tuesday the day before Melb Central. 

As always the party doesn't start till dark or 6pm. This year it seemed smaller and less impressive than other years. Only worth going if you're actually going to buy something. Last time quite a few stores had free cupcakes/snacks and drinks, though not this year. 

We bought... a red trench coat (A much? wrong shade, too bright), some treats from Daiso and some stuff from The Body Shop. I love the colour of the coat but don't think double breasted is my style...

Dinner from 'Charlie & Co' 3 mini sliders for $15. Review coming up soon, after we visit them again to try more things for a complete review.

In an asian shop I found these Kracie Kits! It's stuff that you make into well, other stuff like toy food, but you can eat them. I love the idea, but don't think they would taste nice. They're around $8. Wish Daiso had them. Here's a review on the sushi kit.

The main attraction to Chadstone tonight was the VIP Sampling Bar, where VIP means 'I signed up for you newsletter'. There's six things you can choose from, from which you select four. Cheese/cracker, apple cider, wine, lentil soup, Indian Chia and Lindt choc. 

The apple cider was served with a donut ball and great! As in I'm hoping to get them to come to our event in November! Lindt was pretty good too, the sample was four squares of chocolate. I like them but wouldn't buy any of those flavours.

Did you go shopping at Chadstone's VIP Night? Catch any good deals?


The 9am Treasure Hunt I Missed

Lunch - BOGOF

We woke up exhausted and so hitting at shops at 9am ain't gonna happen. Instead the day started with brunch, sushi and miso. Bought some shoes and lunch for two. Off to school for a test and class. Meanwhile there were free cupcakes at Melb Central. :( And a limited edition one I wanted to buy. 

Class ended early, back to the shops! Sadly most/like all the food places had closed. Except Elle's outside Forever New. Tried their coconut and salted caramel ice cream, good but nothing amazing. The smallest scoops I've ever had! Oh and we bought a bunny, returning if I can't develop a character with it though.


We went to an teenage performance. I'd love to walk beneath those lights!

This costume was in the foyer, we have to make that headpiece! 

It's Saturday as I write this, I'm very upset and barely recall what happened on Tuesday. This is the second time Shanghai has deceived us. Also I asked them to dial down the chili a notch. That didn't happen. And it was too hot! I drank more than 1L of water that night. I shall not be returning.

Dinner at Shanghai. Menu said crab, bill said crab/pork. Spent the night throwing up, security wants to know if I'm ok. Slept on the bathroom floor. It's going to be sometime before I eat asian food again. I hate how they really don't care of you eat pork or not and aren't clear about dishes. 

Scarlet Slam (Large) $8 
A scarlet slam is what happens when you cross red velvet cupcakes with a Tim Tam Slam. Featuring rich chocolate Tim Tams smashed into smooth creamy red velvet gelato, this decadent combo is served with cream cheese frosting.

Salty Camel (Small) $6
Salted Caramel gelato mixed with crunchy sugar shards for that perfect blend of taste and texture. Topped with caramel popcorn and nut clusters with our famous small batch caramel sauce. 

We had dessert at Dex2rose, I had the salted caramel, the one le beau would have picked. Smooth but with bits of green glass sugar to add texture. I like it but prefer it smooth. 


A meeting, a show and dinner. But first a stop by the shops, our third shopping festival this week, complete with free chips I couldn't find and a nail bar 'ain't nobody got time for dat' but we do have time for 5 for $5 at Typo. I intend to cover the cord boards with felt, and one of the pencil/make-up bags will be apart of my 0.5k instagram followers giveaway. 

The Rivers of China. I don't really get it... Are the two main characters connected? One thinks he is the other, a she. *So confused* The set was beautiful though.

Dinner was at Father's Office. Our fourth visit, this review's ready to be posted! Coming up this week. Though the thing about an 11pm dinner is that you end up getting home at 3am!


Today's adventures started with a concert, Beethoven's 7th. Yes that's the one in 'The King's Speech' an amazing movie you must see! The modern piece I wasn't too fond of though, some parts were too soft and others too loud. Grandma with candy wrappers didn't help either. Lots of people coughed throughout it too. 

After the concert we stopped by the Korean Festival, fish cake brooth, rice cake with sweet chili and more of that but with the fish cake, too hot. No dessert. Not really a fan of what I ate, everything was ok. And quite simple to make too.

A stop by Daiso and then Safeway. Has anyone noticed Cadbury Blocks have down sized but prices are the same or increasing? No luck finding the Vegemite one. Have you tried it?

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