Comic Con 2015 @ Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So as you may have guessed this year we didn't go to Comic Con which has moved back to the MCEC after spending a year or so at REB. We were going to get up at 5am, but it didn't happen... There wasn't any particular guests I want to see, we're there for the cosplays.

I thought one of the best classic cosplays was this version of Snow White. Looks like velvet and satin. The collar is perfectly stiff. I do have a SW cosplay, Recency x Elizabethan era. The collar is Jane Seymor style but the dress is regency. Those two eras are no where remotely near each other, but I thought that was visually the best combo.

Sadly we only saw one OUAT cosplay last year we saw SW, Regina (bk signature dress), Charming, LRRH and Hook. This year it's Regina in her red dress, photo shoot. Don't think this dress was actually ever worn in the series.

Below is Elphaba from Wicked, the show is on its way out after a few years of being the latest thing (well here in Australia anyway). It's once again Lion King season. Wished we saw Glinda too, she always has an amazing dress, the blue glitter bubble one.  

Magnificent vs Elpha & Russell + Carl from Up
I like to Russell looks more realistic and less like a stick figure. :P

All the Princesses + New Cinderella + Regina
Last year there were so many Elsa's, only one this year.
Though there was about 3 Snow Whites, only one stood out.

Tinkerbell - New Cinderella - Beauty & the Beast
Belle's amazing, she's the Rapunzel and does all the Disney Cosplays

This isn't from Comic Con, but Supernova Perth. Eric proposed to Ariel!
Isn't that just the perfect proposal? I'd love to be proposed to in costume!

Team Avatar! Not sure what the pumpkin guy is from...
I've never seen a Blind Toph before, think it's cause it's not as recognizable.

Asami! I've never seen someone cosplay before.
Tenzin & Team Korra

The Original Team Avatar & Azula

Those girls must have come together, so many fire benders! Wish I had cosplay friends.

All the Avatar Cosplays - Bolin, Korra, War Paint Sokka, Tenzin, Zuko & Azula

Studio Ghibi! Turnip & Sophia - Howl's Moving Castle
No Face & Chihero - Spirited Away
No Toroto Girl or Kiki this Year

Game of Thrones. That outfit is amazing! Not really a fan of war outfits, but we do like Peggy Carter, there was two but we didn't see the other one.

Not cosplay related, but how cool are these shoes? I thought they were a DIY!

Lego Movie - Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) - Disgust - Tadashi! & Esmeralda?

I've never seen Cosmo & Wanda together, but I have seen Wanda! Love that show!

Coke Man - The Colonel! (KFC) - Zoolander

Pokemon but no Officer Jenny
I think it's hilarious how all the cops are related, same with the nurses.

That is an amazing dress! There's something wrong with the collarbone make-up though... Dr Who Evil Statue! Star Wars and more Dr Who, I love seeing all the variations on the phone box.

Not sure what the top two are but the bottom ones are from Adventure Time.

Iron Man (Men) & Bat Girl

And the award of biggest prop goes to.... that guy.

All the Cosplayers!

Did you go to Comic Con? What's your favourite cosplay? Do you cosplay?

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