Docklands Friday Night Fireworks @ Friday, July 17, 2015

Every Friday evening in July and August 2015 (unless it's raining/windy) there's fireworks in the Docklands, launched from boats with the West Gate in the backdrop and two towers with red flashing lights. On one particular Friday evening we were invited to dinner with Alice & Her Beau, and a few of their friends. From their apartment the view was great! And here are some pictures we captured, with the camera balanced on the railings, because I didn't think I need a tripod. Honestly the only time I use the tripod is for Christmas lights. Wonder why all the colours were similar and there was no pink, purple and blue?

Theses pictures are presented in the order that I took them by the way. Yes I took these, there's a huge difference between these pictures and the ones I took at Disney on Ice. With a specialization in product photography (a hobby) I struggle to take pictures of moving things, as I can barely hold still myself. :P

This is the closest we've ever been to fireworks, the other time would be from the apartment's rooftop on Flinders, looking towards Crown, though the view wasn't like this, with nothing in the way, as the balcony was facing out onto the water, where the fireworks reflected beautifully.

Have you seen the Friday Fireworks at Docklands? 

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