Fireworks with Bellini on Ice @ Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monday 29th June

A tour of a place that we might live at, with assisted living, to determine independency and other skills. Oh gawd I think I might be a hoarder, because I had a brief meal plan session where we prepared a week's worth of food and them froze everything. So on the night you'd just cook and not spend time preparing. But the thing was it was a meal for 5. How do you cook for one?

Back to the place, it's a boarding house where you get your own room (tiny!) and it's just the bare min. there isn't a desk. There's shared spaces, and a small courtyard though no actual garden. I didn't ask about visitors, because I realized that I have no one. For I have no one. Other than Adrian if I'm lucky, le beau's brother who I would have liked to be friends with if we had more things in common. He's busy but still makes time to see me. 

If I wanted to live in an assisted living (potentially retirement living apartments) I'd love to live at Rathdowne Place, which still has the  independent living apartment component. Though it's much fancier and nothing like looks like a hospital or a psych ward. It's like apartments you see in glossy magazines short of one bathtub and a balcony. 

Home. Pictures. Vivaldi. Baked. Watched Barbie as Rapunzel, one of my favourite movies, featuring 'New World Symphony' and Beethoven's 9th. And I realize I never had a thing for the Disney Prince, it's the Barbie Princess Princes' that I like.

We made blondies! They're brownies but yellow. They're quite intense. Bought them to a meeting and dancing. I'm pretty sure mrs morman doesn't eat, but amazed by her resistance to give in to the temptation (assuming she encounters that). Morman did take one after I pestered him into it. :P

I find my OCD of being clean (mainly washing hands) and intense dislike to being touched increasing. It's something we've been working on for the past five years, though I'm heading back to where we started pretty fast. 


A meeting. XLBs for dinner, as delicious as they ever were. 

A Workshop. 

Ice Cream & Apple Cider.

How you know we're not together. :P 

This winter we were going to go to the "Christmas in July" Festival at Sovereign Hill, though unfortunately due to le beau leaving me it was canceled. I've always wanted to go, even though I had an awful experience, purely due to my perception. While on tour <2008 and deciding whether to move to Sydney or Melbourne we did some touristy thing, like going to Sovereign Hill. You'd think it was an awesome experience traveling back in time (after all this was my first experience encountering history) but no. I slept with the lights on. A charm under my pillow and casted charms around the doors and windows to protect myself. Mother is highly superstitious and a bs artist. Being little I believed her. To give you an idea of what she's like I always believed (up until 2011 - when I met Hector) that god sent aids to kill the gays. And that it was condition, like an illness that is treatable through rehab. 

On day we hope to go with Sovereign Hill again and have a great time. Though I suppose the bottled lemonade would no longer be $2.


Why I'm late to therapy: firstly I thought it was 1.30 not 11.30. Secondly I couldn't take the car because someone drove it through a sand dune and there's a body in the trunk. I don't know who he is or how he got there. No sand in the trunk. Looks like he was hit/shot in the head. He's wearing a bk suit and white shirt, no tie. Average height, medium build, white. His hair was not very dark or blond. No glasses. 30s-40s. The car was a silver mini 2 seater convertible, roof down, the fabric type. I found his watch in the sand in the car, driver's side. Medium brown leather strap, gold details, the face was not round.

There's sand in the car and a body in the trunk. So I couldn't take the car. Ended up taking a giant segway down the road instead. The road wasn't smooth and perfect. And then we encountered more problems... and I had to fly the rest of the way, on my broom of course. How else would you fly? And as I always wear a hat I had one of those too.

And that's why I was late to therapy. It is also probably why I'm in therapy :P

Communications was down today, with the phone, internet and mobile being out. What were we to do? Write a letter? And so we took a nap.... which was a bad idea.

Off to dinner, we're late late late! But not late enough to not stop for skewers as an entree at Monkey King Bar (yum but the sauce/dip was more like water), and get take-away from Mr Nice Guy Thai. The chicken dish I had was average, there was marinade but not enough to add flavour. Worth $12 at an asian place like Rose Garden BBQ.

I Puritani - Bellini’s masterpiece, set against the English Civil War, tells the story of two lovers; a Puritan and a Royalist who must choose between love and loyalty.

Event of the week was a trip to the opera, though done concert style sadly (I didn't know this before we got there). So instead of costumes to clarify who is who everyone wore tails or a dress. All subtitles were white on black, if a second person speaks the text is in italics to tell who's talking. But still it was a bit confusing. 

The story is girl and boy are together, about to get married, wedding day, he rides off into the sunset with another girl in a wedding dress (not his one true love). She's devastated and goes mad (temporally). Three months later he's back, he ran off with the queen (disguised as his bride) who was captured because there was a war, he did it to save her (random stranger). But his girl didn't know that. The army is after him, he's in the woods near her house singing and she hears him, they're reunited. A team wins the war, all are free and live happily ever after. No one died.

What we wore.

The City at Night 


Disney on Ice Show! It was amazing! Full post coming up soon.

We should go ice skating! Student tickets are $20 if you buy it on the day.

Alice Cooks

Dinner was with Alice & Co tonight, at her apartment with amazing views. We were so memorized by the fireworks that I forgot to get pictures of all the lights, not city lights, but towards the west, west gate bridge and north-ish area. 

We bought the cake instead of flowers/chocolate for dinner. :P A nakid coffee cake to be served with strawberries and cream. It was crazy light & fluffy! Just the way I love it! 


I think this happened on Saturday? Free cupcake! Apple Crumble.

Tonight's performance was a trip to the theater. Letters Home explores Joe's journey from when he left home, Singapore, till now, this moment in time as an artist (in performance).  It was very interesting to see unsent letters and see how others thinks. From the city with only three stars thanks to the orange glow of city lights to a universe full of stars in WA. Wedding tea ceremonies, asian new year traditions and the annual family hotpot gathering are things Joe has given up or rather left behind to find himself and become an artist. 

Trading family hotpots for chips and cider. A journey that's revealing and honest with tips both for work and play. 1. Collaborate 2. Try new things 3. The other two I forgot... An enjoyable play and night out. This is something that the rebel within you will relate to especially if you grew up in a family that was all about the family as a unit, like traditional eastern cultures, as oppose to our western culture that  focus on the individual.

We used to be focused on the family like that, but as we got older we became more competitive and mother felt bad because "everyone" was better than me. Gradually we drifted away and then left home when work offered mother a position at a branch in Australia. The land of kangaroos,  crocodiles and sharks at the beach. And so we went from the west coast to the right east coast. Despite being lucky to be on a coast (see the map to see how many of our states aren't on the coast with a beach) we rarely ever go to the beach.

Back to the performance, Joe said that instead of a star he was more like an LED, dim but lasts for long time. That's a hilarious allergy. I had an ex that called me a star, lol no, I was a star once, a shooting star. But they fizz out fast and aren't about endurance like an LED. Once I was going to be a mathematician. They say those who can't do teach, that might be slightly true with me, but definitely isn't with le beau. He just didn't want to be a struggling musician.  

Hot chocolate from Max Brenner, the classic. We picked half milk/dark 5.90 + 0.5 for a size upgrade. Creamy but not as creamy and rich as koko. Their salted caramel one is better though, and one I'd get again.


I don't know why I'm so tired... perhaps it's the 7 internships, soon to be 5. Am I doing too much? I think so. But then I procrastinate...

How was your week?

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