Shanghai Street on Chapel St @ Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday 14th July

Shanghai Street within the past couple months has opened up a second restaurant out on Chapel St near Jam Factory opposite San Churro. A huge restaurant in comparison to the original Shanghai Street with lines coming around the corner at lunch. One winter's Tuesday night after work conveniently within walking distance we stopped by for dinner.

The menu was different, no longer contained on a double sided A4 laminate it was a book. Though not to worry they still have all the classic XLBs and dumplings. Along with different dishes, and a slightly higher price tag. Oh and dessert! Tonight we already had dessert plans, next time. 

Chicken & Corn Soup $7

I had soup, it was bigger than the average bowl which was what I expected. With minced chicken and grated corn it was good, but nothing amazing. I prefer New Shanghai for this dish. 

There wasn't anything on the menu that appealed to me, other than the soup & XLBs.

Mongolian Beef & Vegetables $16 + Steamed Rice $2 = $18

I was surprized this dish didn't come with rice, and that had to be ordered as a side. The dish itself was of very generous size though, perhaps to be shared. While the rice bowl was smaller than standard. Though it was a dish that Freud was happy to consume without rice. He liked it, except the vegetables - because he doesn't eat vegetables. The sauce was very good, not too salty, though I found the beef too fat and chewy. I'm used to lean beef, while he is not. Opposites can be a good thing we later discover. 

Freud is a picky eater. He says the best people are. No, or at least not at his level. He enjoys soda, McD and KFC. No to sushi, seafood, vegetables and trying new things. 

He wasn't going to help take notes either, till I emptied half my luggage on the table to get my notebook.

Spending time with other people and on my own makes me really appreciate le beau.

Service was good, though better with some than others. We were offered a choice of water or tea (I have a feeling it was because one of us is asian and the other ain't) though not the bottle to refill. And Freud being Freud refused to ask for more, he is the type of guy who would wait till he's busting and we go by McD to go to the bathroom rather than having ask at the restaurant where we were to go there.

Our waiter was great, no I don't know his name, but it's the asian guy with the glasses. On a Tuesday night, cold and wet, it was about 50% full when we left around 8.30pm. We'll be back for XLBs and dessert!

Note that Shanghai Street is located between two train stops and between two traffic lights. Good Luck crossing the road. Oh and Benny & Jerry's is also close by, on the left.

Have you been to the new Shanghai Street on Chapel St?

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