Two Kinds of People @ Tuesday, July 07, 2015

 I don't know anyone who bites blocks of chocolate like that, do you?

I had a toasty cut straight the other week, it was odd... Triangles always.

If you use a fork do you stab into it or use it as a spoon?

I prefer to the art of reading time, an art that's rapidly descending.
But digital is better when you're running for the train and need it on point.

Earphones - Tangles, but small and easy to store. Damages hearing.
Headphones - Bulky, hard to travel with. But otherwise superior.

I know one person who sets one alarm only. :P

My aunt is a minimalist - except when it comes to emails! I can't stand it!

Why? I hate how every program offers its own toolbar, chrome's inbuilt one is the one I use.

Tabs are good, but my firefox crashes if you load too many. 

When given the option, I always claim to be 115. :P

What do you call your wifi?

Well, I don't have them in colour sets, but size? Yes.

This is why I never lend my books. Ever.

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