Alannah Hill @ MSFW 2015 @ Tuesday, September 29, 2015

During Melbourne Spring Fashion this year we were lucky enough to get front row seats to a show! Which included bubbles and a showbag, also you get to skip the general admission (standing room only) line that started 30mins ago. 

Alannah Hill is a brand I do actually buy from, being little most of my clothing is actually custom made to my measurements, and all my AH dresses have to be taken up at the shoulder. But AH has beautiful and expensive dresses, and we're here to share the new collection with you, just in time for Spring Racing Season.

Showbags! I love the novelty of it. Inside was a gold bangle and something random. I got some lovely hair pins I'll never use, Emma got rhinestone & lace detailed socks and the guy behind us got stockings. XD Perfect for his Frankenfurter cosplay.

Floral prints are in every spring. Groundbreaking, don't you think?

I really don't like these patterns. They're a bit blah to me.

Getting better, while reminding me of those lace doilies grandma uses under her teapot.

Very nice! A white dress made of beads.

This is my style, soft and flowing. White however is not my colour. 

One of my top two favourites! This sequin/beaded number is designed for a boy-ish figure popular in the 1920s and today's stick insect. Though it doesn't suit me, I'd love to get it for work events. Work loves the 1920s.  

Polka dots, meh. Could get that from Target. That lace overlay however would look great over a solid colour dress, like a red satin dress!

No and no.

Fallen Florals & 50s Dots - I like! It's a classic pattern.

Back to prints and lace. Is it just me or is she wearing the wrong underwear?

A variation of the white beaded dress, this one's quite nice and heavy too!

I love this colour, it's very Forever New though.

Meh. I don't like these ones.

Red Lace!

One print, two dresses.

Because black is always in.

While I like this style I'm really not sure about nude and black together. 

This dress! I love it! I'll take it! Black with sequins over a slip.

The Runway

There was free chocolate during earlier days (Tip: Always go on the first day to an event that goes for a few days) and coffee. I'm not sure what happened to the chocolate as I never ate it. Not fond of nibs.

Did you go to any shows during MSFW?

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