Friday 28th August

Class. Group presentation. Late lunch. Exploration walk. 

Vogue Fashion Night Out. Ball pit. I fell. It hurt. My knees are burning! 

The Ball Pit - Not with a Foam Base

Ice cream in exchange for a photo.

TopShop, poor planning. Something that was meant to take a couple minutes took 30mins and so I missed out on another activity. But we did get tickets for a runway show! It took two tries, simply because no one knew anything (totally legit) at first. I thought they were discriminating against me as the offer did say it was for men. But then what about men who dress as women and use the ladies' room or vice versa? Nope, it's just that on one knew till after it had meant to start.

Next part of the evening was a blurr. I was stalked. Mam' when you with your kids in tow follow me around to four shops in a row you're a freaking stalker! Also how dare you then have the nerve to sit opposite me and make comments about me being all alone. 

There's this woman I met at an event and she's keen on getting to know me and I'm not interested. When someone asks to add you on fb and you say you're not on fb, it means they're not interested in getting to know you - that or they're on another social media. This woman was at an event we went to last week, she didn't contribute but was a rather a 'dine and dash' person who decided to bring her entire family along to the meetings for a free meal. And no it's not my mother, she doesn't have the nerve to do that. 

Hourly prize draws. Nothing is inside that box by the way, see below.

Emporium Activities

Free icy poles! Of course we had the coconut. :P

We ate ice cream, cupcakes and tried a new brand of iced tea in a can just like soda. There was pop-corn, event cookies and a pink candy buffet. Thoes cupcakes were perfect sized! Gotta find out who made them. 

Stopped by DJ, as we were delayed at TopShop all the activities were over by the time we got there, included free Magnum ice cream which was on the list. 

I hate it when one small event triggers everything else to mess up. Because of their mistake I missed out on going to DJ and Bardot.

Room in a Shipping Container 

Photo Wall at DJs

There was a shop doing fairy floss as gift with purchase O.o yeah no I'm not buying a pair of shoes for free food. I might if it came with a shoe kit or something of value rather than spun sugar. But then another branch just gave out free cotton candy, but we didn't know so missed out. Someone was also doing flower crowns, but we didn't know about that either.

Nail pop-bars were everywhere! And girls waited hours for it... I did that once 3hrs later (I got there when they opened and girls had started 30mins before) and I still wasn't at the front. By that time we had an event to get to. That's enough waiting for a lifetime. 

Drink sponsor of the night and event. New brand?

Things we didn't see, that some else did. 

Giant yoga sized balloons, I have one at home :P

All the freebies from my short time at the event. I actually spent most of the night following the event on instagram, at the office. Lying down. We don't have ice packs though.

Did you go out on Vogue's Night Out? This is the first year its held in Melbourne.

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