All-You-Can-Eat @ Maya Tequila Again @ Friday, October 09, 2015

This is our 3rd-4th visit to Maya, and 2nd for all-you-can-eat. We ate a lot of food, I forgot about the avocado. We ordered a couple favourites and mainly new things. 

Service got worse over the course of the evening, it got slower and slower. As the restaurant got quieter it [the service] got slower, they remember us from last time.  

We're looking at booking a group dinner though with super slow service we'll be looking elsewhere. It was so slow that we had to order desserts and mains at the same time! We arrived at 8.45pm, our first round of tacos took 20mins! It was as if they left us last because we bought a group deal!

Sangria $10 & Fruit Juice (Not Pictured)

Pescado Fish Tacos (2) $10
Crisped Fish, Jalapeño Mayo, Lime Avocado, Shaved Apple

Getting less floury, I do like these, all the textured and flavours. I'd eat a bowl of this filling. 

CEVICHE - Snapper, Coconut & Lime, Roasted Corn, Coriander $12 

A favourite of ours.

ELLOTE - Grilled Corn Cob, Chipotle Mayo, Queso & Lime $8

Good to satisfy the corn on the cob craving, though they weren't sweet enough.

PABLO’S PAPAS - Spiced French Fries, Salsa Roja $8

Hot chips, especially french fries are always a winner! These were just like McDonald's!

Chili Tomato Sauce, Frijoles, Guac, Sour Cream, Salsa
Topped off with your choice of beef, chicken or pork

We weren't asked which choice we wanted as they were pretty fed up with us it seemed, but in a passive Hertzberg way. These were average. Not sure why the others want to order it, nachos rarely appeal to me.

MOLE POBLANO QUESADILLA - Slow Cooked Chicken, Corn Salsa $14

CARNE ASADA BURRITO - Chipotle Braised Wagyu Beef $15

FLAN De LECHE with RASPBERRIES (Sauce, None Fresh) $12

Dessert was yummy though they only had vanilla ice cream when a trio was advertised. Also the flan has melted into a puddle... and it wasn't because we were slow. But it still tasted good and the ice cream didn't wasn't studded with ice chips like last time. 

What can we say. Good good. Terrible passive service. Cancel your theatre plans, or movie tickets, you'll be spending the whole night here waiting for their slow service. No it's not because they're busy, it's because you're on a voucher and therefore not worth their time. We've been here a few times and it's getting worse each time.

Read about our last visit here, and taco visit here.

Have you ever been to a place where their service gets worse over time?

Or felt like you received poor service because you bought a group deal?

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