Bread Bowls & Brunch @ Dip in Cafe @ Thursday, October 15, 2015

Charlie & Co received a $50 voucher from Zomato. 
Monday 14th September 

I am not a morning or brunch person. Weekends comes with lines and crowds, and weekdays people work or have class, so I haven't anyone to go with when it comes to a $50 spend (we had a gift voucher). Two weeks in the planning and jas finally managed booked an extended lunch break. It started with a trek uphill Bourke St somewhere we don't normally venture.

Dip in Cafe does Breakfast & Lunch, brunch hours. They have 17 dips that are all made fresh on site from local and imported natural ingredients. That contain no preservatives and no artificial additives.

Set uphill and downstairs, this is a place you have to know about to find, or go wandering uphill.

Coffee Shot w Dried Banana Bites $

Set underground in the hill there's no natural lighting other than through the ceiling windows.

Chicken Sub. I know as much about it as you, jas tells me nothing and hates doing reviews.

Downstairs there's booths, a bar and communal tables. 

Freshly Squeezed Juices $6-7

These were super healthy but had pulp! I like them strained. 

Interesting wall art that has a retro feel, with a Japanese influence of the town and sea meeting, embracing nature is a feature of Studio Ghibi. There's some markers on the map, not sure what they refer to, but I don't see us on the map.

3 Dips $13 + Olive Bread $6 = $18
Beetroot - Tzatziki - Sun Dried Tomato Pine Nut Pesto

With the trio dips we ordered a roll of olive bread, which arrived hot, fluffy and beautiful! The bread was perfect as was the betroot and tzatziki dips, the pesto was too salty for my liking.

Make Hummus Not War $16

Our Middle-Eastern experience! Homemade hummus dip, topped with 
pan fried beef and lamb, tossed with pine nuts and mushrooms.

Next was a dish I founded recommended through reviews. It's exactly what the description says, I love menus that tell you exactly what the dish is. But what it left out this time was that it was spicy! The meat. The Tzatziki from our entree helped, though I couldn't finish my half. Lola would love this dish, which I see as more of a hearty warm winter dish. There was a salad drowning in balsamic vinegar that came with the bread bowl, which I like the idea of - the bread owl.

French Toast $14
Made with our house baked brioche served with vanilla mascarpone, 
fresh sliced banana and mixed berries drizzled with maple syrup and 
sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Dessert is here! Yes we can have a lunch dessert on the condition there is no dinner dessert.

This was delicious! It was sweet but not too sweet and the cinnamon was beautiful. And the bread wasn't soggy even though everything arrived at the same time at the start of the 3 course meal. This is the best french toast I have ever had, and that includes my limited experience of a hotel in Malaysia and le beau's cooking.

3 Course Lunch w Drinks $60

I'll be back for the french toast for sure! And the dips and olive bread to share. You could just get those two things as a 2 course lunch to share between two people, but get two bread rolls.

Service depends on who you get. One girl was a bit friendly but had that 'I'm sick of you attitude' which doesn't make me want to come back. Maya Mex gives us that too but more passive. The manager (we're guessing she's the manager, as she was counting the till when we left) was great! 

The kitchen closes at 2pm, and the cafe at 3pm.

French Toast, I'll be back for you!

Have you ever had a bread bowl? Where's the best French Toast you've ever had?

Dip In Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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