Mr Runway @ MSFW @ Thursday, October 01, 2015

We didn't take as many pictures to cover the mr runway show as there wasn't anything I was actually going to buy. It's very different not to watch a show through the lens and to see the bigger picture (meaning whole space).

We got balcony seats which were too high up, so this was the actual view. 

As it wasn't sold out we moved to the front row of the balcony. Others around us were invited to seats on the floor, but not us. I believe this is because I'm not one of the beautiful people unlike le beau.

The runway featured suits, suits with shorts and leisure wear as well as some unique pieces and crotch drop pants, which we decided it wasn't necessary to share.

The night shows at Town Hall is something I've never been to before so it was different. Seats on raised platforms were added and the stage was curtained off. If you get floor seats $55 + ridiculous booking fee it comes with a drink, showbag seats are $160-ish, and balcony seats $35. At $160 you're paying for the showbag, so best not to get it unless you actually use all the stuff in it, unlike me.

Have you been to any Fashion Shows at Town Hall?

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