Ramen Bankara Blogger's Tasting Dinner @ Wednesday, October 21, 2015

15th September 2015
Charlie & Co dined as guests of Ramen Bankara.

I love ramen on a cold winter's night, there's nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of ramen with soft boiled eggs, gooey running yolks, and a plate of karaage, squeeze of lemon and Kewpie mayo on the side. 

So when Thanh, invited us to to a tasting night at Ramen Bankara, we jumped at the chance! I love being invited to food event, as I rarely get invited anywhere. As a planner, I'm usually the first one to find out about events, and the one with the tickets. That and I'm a little shy so it's not often that get invited to food events.

Tonight we took a rare trip out to Westfield Doncaster for a tasting night at Ramen Bankara, the first of its branches in Australia. Hailing from Toyko Ramen Bankara is a franchise that aims to bring you authentic ramen. Bought to Australia by the same group who bought you China Bar, Dessert Story and Secret Kitchen, Ramen Bankara is bound to be a hit. 

The evening was a causual affair where Jas & I met other bloggers, of whom I did recognize a few which followed a game of matching faces to blogs or instagrams. We met Brandon, the brand manager would we were lucky enough to sit close to, as he told us about the story and ideas behind Ramen Bankara, as well as about the dishes.


Starting off, was the obligatory* steamed green soybeans, which jas compared to the bowl of nuts at the bar. Buttery and fresh these were "quite nice" said jas, and fun to eat.

The Menu

GyozaPan fried dumplings followed, yes they have pork. 
Jas enjoyed these as they were very fresh and perfectly fried.

Where can we find the chopsticks? In the draw! Isn't that cool? Great use of a secret space!

Agedashi TofuI wasn't a fan of tofu till I tried it sweetened and then again deep fried, but anything deep fried is beautiful. Much like this silky dish, that wasn't oily or have a slimey skin, which I find happens a lot of this dish. I love it!

We are in a very picture friendly zone, where you're allowed to slurp! 

Onto mains, I don't eat pork (its been 11 yrs), but I was so was excited to be invited that I'm open to trying pork based brooths, and so am not an expert on the area (but I do love ramen), and so we shall be leaning on jas for his thoughts.

Tonkotsu RamenSpringy Hakata style noodles served in rich and creamy broth made from boiling pork bone over high heat for many hours. The slow cook technique breaks down the collagen, marrow and fat, giving the broth a flavourful pork and buttery texture.

The broth was creamy and lovely, with perfect noodles, well made and not too soft or rubbery. Serving size is the big bowl above, but as we like to taste everything larger bowls were for pictures and then divided into smaller bowl, which were still a lot if you consider how many things we tried. :P

Bankara Ramen - Signature Tokyo style dish, complemented woth a slightly salty taste wit a hint of sweetness, creating a sweet and savory flavour. 

This one is the signature ramen, and we could see why - it was great! 
Our favourite and a crowd pleaser. 

With the ramens you have three options: 1. order the standard served with pork, bamboo shoots or fungus and seaweed for $13.80, 2. add extra toppings or 3. go for the pimped up or rather premium which is $19.80. It is on the pricer side for a bowl of ramen, but these bowls are very big and filling.

Karaage - Fried chicken. I loved fried chicken! And I believe everyone, who is not a vegetarian does too! Served with kewpie mayo and a squeeze of lemon this one had the boys fighting over the last piece!

Wafu Salad

Caesar Salad with a Japanese Twist - This was a surprize, a good one as Ramen places don't normally serve salads, it's good to have something for those after something green, which includes me occasionally. I love the egg on top!

Chuka SobaTangy savory taste, rich seafood and pork brooth, spicy version optional

A Chinese dish this one was not a ramen, served after the great Bankara it was in its shadows as it had less rich flavour. Next time served this one first then build the flavours up. But if you're after something lighter and not creamy this is it - or the next dish.

Tskumen - Cool springy noodles, rich and peppery broth for dipping noddles

A broth on the salty side, a tradition Japanese dish served on warm summer evenings, where you dip cold springy noddles into the broth, and then drink it. Something different and fun, I'd love to add seafood to this.

Vanilla, Black Sesame & Green Tea Ice Cream

I do find that there aren't many Japanese places (I only know of one) that offer homemade desserts, rather opting to go with mochi and soft serves. 

Bankara offers ice cream with your stand but crowd pleasaing Japanese flavours as well as vanilla, and a palette cleansing lemon sorbet. The ice creams tastes familiar, much like Magnums or Peters. 

Lemon Sorbet - A Palette Cleanser

A Parting Gift!

Westfield Doncaster - Ramen Bankara is near Coles

Thank you Thanh and Ramen Bankara for an invitation for a great night!

We look forwards to visiting the second location, in the city set to open in November on Swanston St, where Dessert Story used to be (305 Swanston Street). 

I'll be ordering the karrage chicken, jas the gyoza and the signature Bankara Ramen, our favourite ramen!

Have you been to Ramen Bankara? When was the last time you had Ramen?

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