The Hub @ MSFW 2015 @ Friday, October 02, 2015

First Week of September

The first week of September every year is 'Melbourne Spring Fashion Week' (MSFW) and there's runway shows, pop-up events and shopping offers. There's free lunchtime and 5pm-ish right after work shows that are free (will cost you 30mins of your time to line up though) and there's $35+ shows at Town Hall in the evenings.

The Hub is the central location where you can find out more about the event, explore, see lunchtime shows and there's some activities. Each year it's different.

This year a pleasing addition was free coffee! Melbourne runs on coffee, we wear black and drink coffee. Lines were short and you could come back daily, or more if you really wanted to.

Photobooths are always popular and Alannah Hill had one. I really like the instant printer.

There was a flat lay competition. I felt a bit lost there. Lots of fresh flowers to incorporate.

The Runway

Guests got a glass of bubbles! I'm delighted to say that included me! As an events planner I rarely ever get invited anyway, as I'm the one who sends the invites. I also think I'm a bit of a nobody and not very social, though some say I'm very social looking at my calendar.

Yes it's very bright in here, also 27 degrees+. Check out that beautiful military inspired coat.

Some of my favourites dresses from Alannah Hill, go back a post to see the whole show. 

Smooth FM had a lounge area with free chocolate and mints!

This year the hub is smaller and they're turned it around with the stage at the other end.

At night it's cooler and abuzz with adults high on coffee and sparkling.

Did you visit the hub during MSFW?

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