10 Things you Need to be Healthy @ Friday, November 06, 2015

Source: The Moderation Movement via fb

The Moderation Movement is my favourite page on facebook (that I don't use for competitioning) it is my version of the daily quote others may use an app for. It's not an advocate for any strange/new diets or detoxing, but is all about eating and exercising in moderation.

10 Things you Need to be Healthy

- Access to fresh food
- A place to store, prepare and cook food
- Basic food preparation and cooking skills
- Shelter and a safe environment
- To be active in a way you enjoy
- Adequate sleep
- Adequate rest and relaxation
- To do something you enjoy
- Social connectivity
- A place in society

Note: Feel free to add more to the list. 

10 Things you Don't Need to be Healthy

- A nutri-bullet
- To follow a wellness guru who promotes a specific way of eating
- To follow an attractive wellness guru with a slim fit body
- To “eat clean”
- To “go paleo”
- To eat gluten free (unless you have Coeliac disease)
- To avoid all added sugar
- Thrash yourself with high intensity exercise
- Six pack abs
- A lean or thin body

Note: We are not saying it's wrong to do these things, we are just pointing out they are not a necessity for achieving good health.

If you find yourself feeling "holier than thou" or really good about yourself when you do these things, but terrible about yourself when you're unable to stick by them, then chances are they are causing you more harm than good.

I know where to buy fresh food (the markets or Coles/Safeway if you have to) but have no idea what to buy. I don't feel inspired when I see fresh/sale things. Hence I'm doing Lite n' Easy, for a while as a guide. 

There's very limited space in fridge/freezer so I couldn't do the freezer cooking like le beau. Brace yourself before you open the freezer! I'm not allowed in the kitchen (sorry priceless glass fruit bowl inherited 3rd gen made in France) and I eat at my desk so there's no room to prepare food. - But I'm looking to moving to the dorms. 

It's interesting how some people say I'm very social. Going to events doesn't make me social. I have many acquaintances and less friends than I can count on one hand. Friends come and go, they get married, work FT and have one main hobby. We catch up once a year at the most. I was on that train, the I'm going to get married and get a FT job and move out train, but we hopped off earlier this year and I do feel very lost and like I'm falling apart. 

People make me tired. Have you ever tried to arrange dinner for 4? Emails sent, no one replies. You need to call each person, draw up an excel chart of who is free when. Then one has an emergency, their friend got dumped and they have to go comfort them. I love my idea of lets all do webcam dinner at your place at midnight, when we're all home. 

On things you don't need to be healthy a nutribullet is a small one serve blender. Expensive, but you could make a few juices with a normal blender. Freezer them in mason jars and just defrost the night before!

I'm great the theories. Practice, not so much. 

What makes you feel healthy? 

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