Saturday 17th October

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I'd love this framed. Hers & His.

On a Saturday afternoon we went to the 'Etsy + Bride Wedding Trunk Showa 'meet the maker' event. It's where you can meet etsy sellers, around 20. Everyone was a smaller business than the usual type at the expos. They were quite clustered and lacked diversity, mainly accessories and stationary. We need caterers and bakers, with cake samples.

There were two stalls that offered fake flowers, while pretty I have yet to find mine in the fake version that looks exactly like the real thing. Red roses surrounded by baby's breathe. The red apple reminds me of a glitterfied one but coated with gloss, so it has a smooth texture. It's beautiful, I'll have to buy it.

Wedding favours, it's always hilarious when the couple gives everyone a picture of them, or something with their names/date engraved. We prefer edibles, but unique, like apples with a custom sticker.

Loving the test tubes. But how is the cork in the vial, but there's also flowers in it? I've heard kmart has these or something similar for $7.

Small headpieces/gatsby style with diamontes are on trend this year, paired with a veil.

Beautiful veils, these are super soft! Mine was made of 50s tulle, not exactly the soft flowing type. These are so nice, if you're buying a veil it seems like a better idea to check it out in person, and then go DIY. 

Headbands, leaves make me think of a fall/autumn themed wedding. 

That starry design in the middle I Iove! Great for a picnic/sleepover/event under the stars. Needs actual glitter and diamontes though. Also when you open it, and take it out of the envelop there should be a shower of glitter and stars. :P 

Not sure what happened to the colour in this one, but isn't watercolour lovely?

I love these glitter resin bowls as jewelry holders! But they're $60... I've seen DIY ones, using the same balloon method they use for chocolate bowls, it'll be very soft though and not as hard as this one. And here's a guide for the resin version, and jewelry version with resin still and chocolate molds. 

There was an opportunity to try on dresses to discover what suits you, but I wasn't feeling it. I did met two ladies who made fake flowers though, a lot of calligraphers/stationary people and a few accessories. 

I still maintain that once you've been to two expos you've been to them all. Tickets were around $20 and not worth it. To add value I would have added a glass of bubbles on arrival and a showbag with Bride magazine or something like that. It was a very small event though, with highlights being workshops (which are always expensive) and a photo booth. 

Have you done the rounds of wedding expos?

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