Sunday 4th October

The best way to spend an afternoon, with the romantic composers including the later works of Beethoven. A competition with different instruments performing different pieces.  How does one compare guitars to voice and piano? Guitar and 2nd piano guy won. All the finalist (performers) were guys with a girl guest performance to make up for the lack of girls?

Drinks afterwards. I'll take a choc milkshake with a mint leaf. Service was busy and so slow half the ice melted before I gave up. From now on it's byo mint.

This picture was taken on a different occasion. $4 chips on the tram.

Off the the beach then average fish and chips. Then to ice cream, regular flavor but ramped up through presentation, textures and color. Connoisseur chocolate but not as rich. 

Cinema Experience $10

Milk chocolate base, caramel popcorn,sour coke bottles, sprinkles (100s & 1000s), gummy bears, home-made cotton candy! Served with buttered popcorn nitro-smoke.


It's summer today at 35. Off to the dentist for 6 shots and half a clean, and it still hurts! Hence we do half at a time.

Bubble cup along the way, red milk tea. Less ice 75% sugar. Room temp. Not nice. Needs to be cold and more sugar.

Home to book all the November events including three days at the races (working).

New month new studio. I do have a favorite though am not particularly a loyal customer, I bounce from place to place though always go back to my favorite. Why? Because most places have a starter deal, $25 unlimited classes for the first month.

At the moment it's 3 nights a week, when I signed up it was 4 nights. But now might go down to 2 if they don't get enough numbers, doubt they will as no one but the grandparents go dancing on a Friday night when they go every other night. So it's only two days a week, so I need to go to another studio at the same time but then there's clashes. Cause days are either mon/wed or tues/thu, not mon/tues.

So how'd it go? Small classes 6 and 7. First class no sweat, second more intense which included the crab walk. Bus always comes 20mins after class so I probably should always plan something to do during that time.

On the way down security says hi again? He thought I just walked past XD Mistaken for another blonde in a floral dress? From his expression he realized I wasn't the same blonde who walked past before because of my accent XD 


I think I'm a bit of a freeloader when it comes to ballroom... Sushi chef doesn't agree. I have no sense of direction and have a vague (though sometimes good imo) idea of the steps but struggle with techniques.

This month we're at a different studio where you need to byo man but I didn't so the teacher has to dance with two girls. The focus is different.  He teaches the technical parts that is for the advanced class where we usually go. So it turns out yes I am a freeloader, for two years I've been doing it wrong. Hoping beyonce will notice that I've been working on it, when I return :P

I'm missing the others though, playing passive bumper cars, surprise turns and speeding around the corner. I suppose this is the closest I'll ever get to the feeling others get from leaving a school that they've been at for a very long time, or a place where they feel like they belong. 


Thursday was a busy day where I felt feverish. We posted a gift exchange, went to Priceline (50% off haircare!), stopped by Chemist Warehouse where it was too hot and there wasn't enough air. And then back to the office for lunch. 

Lunch was a tuna and tomato sandwich. Yuck! I hate tuna and fresh tomato. I took a bite but the smell made me feel sick. 

Lay down for a couple hours, missed class!

Off to an event, on the way we stopped by a few shops, and then after wandered through Myer & Target in search of the scrapbook. We found a $4 satin covered lined journal which looks like it belonged to a wedding collection.

At Target we found... red glitter foam! With a sticky back. $3 was what it scanned as. I might be back for more. It came in a pack, as seen in the picture above.

Back to the event. Mini Latif the founder of Ottoman3 Nail & Brow Bar gave us a demonstration to threading and there were refreshments, coffee and turkish delight! There was also a offer for attendees (free tint with threading) as well as giveaways.

I have never won a raffle before O.O ever. My specialization is 25WOL, not random chance. But tonight I won my very first lucky dip! I won the grand prize which was a set of things to use on/for your brows worth $175!

How it worked was everyone got a raffle ticket as they came, but a lot of people left before the end when the raffle was drawn.

And the rest of the week we spent asleep, missed a performance, went to a resume workshop and hibernated as there was a wedding expo on and we had tickets. 

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