Until now there has never been a place that specializes in durian in Melbourne, also till recently (a few months ago) I've never been to this place as my beau and friends do not like durian. Because it smells. I'm not sure what it smells like to you, but I think it's beautiful, but then again I grandpas' Japanese, and so we'd always buy durian and mango by the boxes in summer. Father loves durian too, having his first taste during the war that we lost in 'nam.

The Menu - Combos w the savings worked out for you :) Personally would avoid milk/ice(water) based things, as they're the cheapest to make, and ice hurts my teeth. *click to enlarge* Order at the counter before you pick a seat.

Best Sellers

It's a small place on the corner near China Red, with diners almost being exclusively asian.

Durian Pancake/Pillow $3.80 & Durian Crepe $6.80 = $10.60

While the crepes was good and had real durian in it, there was too much cream. As a durian lover that's a no go. We need more durian, especially as it's very small and expensive. 

The pancake was better, and I'd get this over the crepes. 

Lola says durian tastes like garlic, unlike le beau who says it's like death. XD We had a pillow and durian balls to share on a return visit. Enjoyable but too much cream, though not as bad as the crepes which only had a tiny bit of durian. These were $3.80 each. 

Satu Produk Durian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Opening within the last few months is, Royal Custard Puff which I think comes from HK, located at the end of MidCity Arcade, it's just a jump to the right of the durian place. It's in the same arcade as Shandong Mama, downstairs from the $10 bentos at Wagaya and sushi train.

This place is crazy popular at night, with waits of 20-40s mins! Come when they open and you'll be in and out within minutes. I took a picture of the machine because there were signs saying not to :P

3 for $1, marketing works well having "18 for $5" under it encouraging you to buy more. You do know that that still makes them 3 for $1 right? With a long wait you might as well buy more. They're 50c balls with a cake-ish texture and custard within. It's not very sweet though, hence not my style. 

I do recommend giving it a go though, and I'd be back if I was in the area, but wouldn't specifically go there. Lola prefer these over the durian ones, as they were more normal. :P

Have you been to the durian place or had these custard balls?

Royal Custard Puff Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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