Stuck in Limbo at the Bank @ Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday 14th October

Couldn't find the picture, but did you know Chillbro also does hot chocolate and churros?

In partnership with Yelp x Chillbro have a free popsicle deal. This one's a winner. Perfect size for a diet too. All you have to do is check-in on the app. Which turned out to be a real challenge for me as I used a signal scrambler so they can't track me via my phone. Yes I am a bit paranoid, and up myself to think I'm important enough to be stalked, but just in case. :P

Why do apps need to suck all the info out of your phone and watch you? Granted snapchat is a bad example as it actually does need the camera, but there are many apps that don't.

Work shortened by tech issues. I do miss the American accent, the artists we're working with are from NY. Flashing lights and synch, pretty awesome. Since that was short and we were already in the city work sent us out for a great night.

Work sent us to a circus/cabaret show which was amazing! It even included a few acts I've never seen before/that are rare like sword swallowing, fire eating and acts on bendy poles. 

LIMBO’s stunning international cast features: Coney Island’s sword swallower, Heather Holliday; French gravity-defying Chinese pole master, Mikael Bres; Australia’s dancing sensation Hilton Denis; the exquisite French-Canadian aerialist, Evelyne Allard; the unstoppable hand balancer Danik Abishev; and German mind-bending contortionist, Tigris.

I'm loving my new Limequat Candlette from Sohum, mini size $10 and smells citrusy and like pineapple! Well Baby Pineapple, Grapefruit, Coconut Creme, Sicilian Lime, Clementine, White Vodka. The full size candle is $32 and reeds $35. I might get the reeds as a house warming present for myself :P

We're looking at moving to the dorms soon, like mid-November soon.


Finishing college is very different to high school, as everyone has different classes there's no groups and that class feel. No one cries, there's no dress up day and you get invited to graduation 6mths after you actually finish.

Before dessert we went to class for our last class ever, and then to Myer for their pre-racing event, Myer's Spring Racing Night of Style. There was pamper stations (hair, make-up, nails, massage) a flower headpiece workshop, what to wear talks and a few canapes floating around.

We couldn't find dessert but we found salads in a jar! There was also hot chips, but we couldn't find the source of them. 

The one talk I went to was running 15mins late and some of the models were a no show, hence I didn't have as much time as I wanted to see/buy everything. Oh and there was bubbles, there always is, and sparkling water. Which I don't actually like. 

Dessert at Fancy Nance in celebration of my last class (unless my career fails and I go back). I still have three projects I'm working on. But for now a celebration of the last class. There'll be a full post coming up soon.


Running late for class we didn't go, as last time it finished early, but I shall call and ask for the notes.

We chilled at the office for most of the morning and had spaghetti/meatballs for lunch. I didn't like it, the meat was weird and lacked flavour and the sauce was watery with too much capsicum.

After lunch we went to the 'Etsy + Bride Wedding Trunk Showa 'meet the maker' event.

Next we trotted to Chinatown, why trot? I'm wearing heels and they hurt. I took a picture as evidence for my teacher too. Sadly cutard puff balls were closed as they were sold out. So instead I took Lola to the Durian Place. I love durian btw, and it seems I'm the only white person who does :P

Lola prefers the custard balls, 3 for $1. But they aren't sweet at all!

Next we went to the theatre to see 'You are nowhere' no where or now here? It's up the audience. I didn't get it, but I did like the bit where they danced. :P Freud liked it, and said it was sci-fi where the main guy is dead and his life flashed before his eyes. We were invited by my friend the workaholic, Emma, hence we rarely ever see her.  

Back to the city we went to dinner, at a new place that just opened up 2 days ago! I'm rarely (never) one to rush in when they first open, but this place was different. I knew the food was going to be good. 

Crumbed Lamb Cutlet Salad $21

We ordered a dish each and then a salad to share.

Team Avatar! First year ever that we didn't go to Armaggedon.

Disney Team - Where did all the Elsa go?

Best cosplay ever! If your crew is the perfect shape/height. :P

How was your week? With so many events on how do you choose what to go to?

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