Catching Up with November @ Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Catching up...

Monday 9th November

I woke up feeling the emptiness. Bad dreams about being held in a small room like a nursery by the port, I could see the sea (waves, no sand) and a white bridge outside. We're below sea level. In the room there's a window with no glass, just white bars, not evenly set. Magically the sea isn't inside the room. I'm not alone, there's someone else here trying to get out. There's a row boat with no oars but it doesn't fit through the bars. - shift - an office, discussion on how to get out, we're all in different school uniforms. Lady boss drops a cake at my feet, happy birthday, you're going to get it...

I feel the emptiness that I think is more than just le beau missing. It's probably a lack of motivation to finish the projects and what to do after I finish my course, even though we do have a plan.

But I do miss le beau very much. He's wonderful, supportive and over protective. He's always been there to comfort me when others are mean to me, and when people tell me I'm a slut and will be raped. Not that it'll be rape cause I'd love it being the slut I am, she said.

Day 2 of internet research. Optus no.3 gave me no service and ignore me, there was a line and they skipped me and went to the next guy. The guy working there was Indian looking and so was the guy after me. Telstra no.2 guy was great! Vodaphone was not, here's how it went: 

Him: How long do you need it for?
Me: Not sure, hence I don't want a contact.
Him: When does your visa expire?
Me: We have duo citizenship.

He tells me about the plans then asks for my passport. Didn't even ask which plan I wanted after showing me the list. I know you work on commission, and I will not be buying from you. But of my accent I am and will always be seen as a foreigner, but then again our kind tend to all go home in the end. But this guy was the first to point out that I don't belong here.

Dinner was awful. First we went to the wrong campus. Then we find out jas made an inquiry not booking and it was sold out! We traveled far to find that out. This is why I'm in charge.

Ended up going to PappaRich, I do like their drink and roti. But hate the fatty low quality meats. Tried something new, dessert, egg sago pudding with ... it was very nice, all silky and smooth. Needs more sauce though. 

Movie and dinner. 

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto - A bit watery and not cooked enough with slightly burnt chicken, cooked on high heat too fast. Very disappointing as last time it was great. When you're great you need to stay great. 

The movie was great! Best movie I've seen in a while. Yolki 1914. In the style of 'Love Actually' and 'V'Day' Yolki 1914 tells 6 stories set around Christmas in 1914, the year of the first great war to end all wars. 1913 featured beautiful balls and Edwardian gowns but leaning towards Cora and Granny's style in the favored lighter palette. But come 1914 the Christmas tree was banned and so Ivan sets out to get a million votes for a petition. Mainly as a goal to get the girl. Said girl is the boss's daughter and a young cardiac surgeon. I don't believe it, she's too young and a woman. Their story is the main one, set in a hospital.


Gift Wrapping Workshop. Lindt. Starbucks.

The day started with a long trip, and a gift wrapping workshop. Back to basics, it's harder than you think! We wrapped two boxes and did three different ribbons, I did 2/3. No.3 was hard. The teacher was very strict and a perfectionist!

Lindt's having a sale. All you can stuff in a box. We packed it tightly, and some balls were squished. For the pics after I lightly packed them in and was quite amazed how many we managed to squish in.

Hmm... I recently edited the picture, but it's not where its meant to be...

Drinks at Starbucks, Gingerbread Frappe tastes like Coke... Danced the drink off :P We should definitely introduce Lola & morman to each other. Why? They're complete opposites. She like me never stops talking, and we both speak our minds, though her more than me. While he's very quiet, and doesn't like food, musicals or events. Just following the wife around. :P We told him how Lola & I clicked and he was like O.O a bit mortified and ran off (fast walked) away from me, that's ok I'll go ask your wife to dance instead. :P

The mormans mentioned a holiday/retirement trip on the weekend and I died a little, as it was where le beau & I went a few times. We had a great time there, with no adult supervision ;) we also went to the chocolate factory and watched the Adams. 


A long day starting with catching up on pictures, before going to the dentist and shopping. It feels like a month that I've been researching internet and phone plans. It's exhausting and not something I'm passionate about. But I think I've found the laptop and the box. 

Along the way we bought some flowers. Loving those asian dollar stores. One had the headbands I'm after and $2 bunches of flowers. We also found a shop where everything was cheap, and bought some giant flowers for $5 and glitter tubes for $1 (they're $3 at Lincraft). 

Friday & Sunday we spent at the annual Taste of Melbourne at Albert Park, Stop 130.

Lots pictures coming up!

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