NYE in Russia (Yolki) 1914 @ Friday, December 25, 2015

A collection of several interlinked stories that happen on the New Year's eve on 1914. Best movie I've seen for a long time! Hence this one gets a entire post on it, and not because it's a classic or the costumes.

Yolki 1914. In the style of 'Love Actually' and 'V'Day' Yolki 1914 tells 6 stories set around Christmas in 1914, the year of the first great war to end all wars. 1913 featured beautiful balls and Edwardian gowns but leaning towards Cora and Granny's style in the favoured lighter palette. But come 1914 the Christmas tree was banned and so Ivan sets out to get a million votes for a petition. Mainly as a goal to get the girl. Said girl is the boss's daughter and a young cardiac surgeon. I don't believe it, she's too young and a woman. Their story is the main one, set in a hospital.

1. The Main Story at the Hospital
Ivan, an supposedly injured pilot who only studied the theory of flying, is into Titana, a dr/nurse. She is not into him, though promised him a dance by the tree. There is no tree due to the ban, so he gets a million signatures for a petition, as she agreed to a tree if that happens.

2. Busking Kids
A poor-ish family. Mother is sick and they're out of food. Pompous little smart alack boy who believes he's God's gift, is very optimistic and asks people for money, saying people are kind and generous. He finds an opera singers' dropped wallet and returns it, and gets advice on how to make money in return. His sister sings and gets money but he gives it all away to a girl who has her bag stolen. She uses the money for a train ticket to deliver the signatures for the petition. So now they have no money and can't busk again ad everyone's going to church. Enters rich guy again, he takes pity on them (it does help that it's snowing) but spent all his $$$ so instead he busks with her, making lots more than her and much faster. I think the actor is actually an opera singer doing a guest appearance. The chemist feels bad that they're busking as they did ask to buy the medicine on credit and gives it to them for free.

Where is their father? He's not a deadbeat father, though not mentioned by the kids he's a solider, the one locked up in the carriage. Though he's just chilling waiting for a ride home rather than in trouble.

3. Figure Skating Cop
The Government has banned Christmas trees and the cops are there to keep the peace. The boss makes fun of figure skaters saying real men box and don't wear lipstick and skirts (said skirt is a kilt worn by the Scottish team). Main cop's girl and him are hobby skaters, she chose a bright cannery yellow outfit for him. He says he doesn't want to be a fool, especially because his team is patrolling the skating show. Hesitation. But then he does it! Despite the mockery of the boss, not at him as he doesn't know, but in general. The boss suddenly accepts and likes it.

4. Bring Granny Home
Two guys, friends, after the same girl hope to say goodbye (and make her choose between them) before they head off to war. Girl sends them on a wild goose chase with her invalid "neighbour" comedy and adventure, it's hilarious! Girl says she's off to location b for family matters, and the boys take the train there, things happen, they both want to dump granny. But at the time of need she reveals to be granny, and a kickass fighter and no deaf invalid! It was a test. 

5. The Summer House
While all the stories are set in snow, in the south of Russia it's summer. And someone is on something in this one. Guy with huge family sells house. Date comes and he has failed to vacate. Enter new guy and his girl. As the family is off on a trip the day after Christmas, the guys hatch a plan to fast forward. But opening all the presents, eating all the food (how long were you high enough for to do that?!) and convincing everyone it had happened. 

6.Dancing Bear
A special needs/peasant guy and his best friend a bear. The boss has invited the big boss over and promised a bear hunt. This one failed to hit the mark as the others did.

Unlike love actually and vday the characters weren't all related in some way. The main guy, pilot in hospital "borrowed" a plane, and ends up meeting the father of the busking kids. The father is a soldier, in the story of 2 guys 1 girl (who's just messing with them) the two guys meet him on a train, and he tells then how the father saved his life. Those two stories don't meet though have two halves of one (the two soldiers).

If you get a chance to see this, it's in Russian with English subs. It's a great film! Much better than our American version of NYE, with High School Musical boy and Glee girl.

What's the best movie you've seen lately?

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