Review - Ezaki Glico's Pocky @ Daiso @ Friday, December 18, 2015

Pocky is a Japanese snack food produced by Ezaki Glico. Pocky was first sold in 1966, is chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. Usually thin ones, but there's a variety. Think KitKat, but different shapes and less flavours.

In Melbourne the actual Japanese made ones are uncommon, instead there's the grey import ones made in Thailand, found at asian shops like Tokyo Hometown. 

And then there's Pretz, which is an unglazed version of Pocky, featuring flavors like tomato, pizza, and salad, as well as sweet flavors such as French toast - though I've only seen the savory ones. Why would you eat a salad flavoured cookie? O.o

All these are $2.80 from Daiso, except the blue one, that one's $3.80.

Yes I spent $20 in the name of research and taste testing!

I can't read, but deducted that the black box is dark chocolate, nope, I was wrong. 

Demitasse (Gold) - Choc cookie sticks with dark chocolate coating. 
One pack instead with 20-ish sticks. 

Midi (Blue) - Just 12 regular sticks, but shorter and fatter. Value for money? No.

These two are the smallest boxes.

Gokuboso (White) - Dark chocolate.

Otonano Milk (Black) - Milk choc, thick coat. Two packs instead, prefer for sharing.

Glico (Red) - Milk choc, this is the original.

Almond Crush -  6 x 2 sticks. These are the smallest pack, but so good! 
Coming second to strawberry.

Strawberry! One is heart shaped, sorta, the other isn't. They both taste the same. But the pink box is 51g while the red is 41g. Go for the pink one. 

Ichigo Pocky! Our favorite, as taste tested by bunny (yes, that's Lucy Lana) and me.

Daiso's Range

I've seen butter custard (midi 12 pk) $4.15, Sicilian Lemon, Milk Cocoa ($3), Matcha ($3.45), Panda ($3), Peanut ($3.45), Red Bean ($6). Those are all at Tokyo Hometown, there's one on A'Beckett Lane and another on Elizabeth. All those we have yet to try.

Which Pocky flavour is your favourite? And how much do you usually pay for a pack/box?

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