The Latter Half of Halloween Week @ Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thursday 29th October

Leaving things till the last day we finally saw 'An American in Paris (1951)' today, the story line was a bit meh, but we watched it for all the elaborate dance routines.

For something in the 50s the colors are amazing. 

Dance Scene

The black & white party, Bal de Beaux Arts is awesome in terms of costumes! You can see it here.

I love the bonnet.

The main girl is still alive today! She plays 'Madame' in Chocolat.

The second leading lady is even more stunning! She died, like everyone else. It's always amazing to watch all these beautiful old films, though a scary reminder of no matter how beautiful, talented and rich you are, you will die. Everyone dies in the end. 

Tomorrow night we're going to a concert, with music from the film. 

Friday 30th 

The struggle to be normal. I had a great-good time lost in my dreams. Missed most of the day! But we drove in a van through a small side street decorated with Halloween deco! It's a memory I think, of home. There were some guys in swimwear and water. Water is never good, drowning is closely associated there. 

We had dinner at 7pm, 196 Creamy Tomato Tortelloni – it’s pretty good. Though there’s something strange about the filling. So as the name says it's tomato sauce based (healthier than creamy) and the filling is spinach/ricotta.

Off to the city for a concert, made it just in time! An American in Paris, which we saw last night. "Gershwin’s An American in Paris evokes a journey through the bustling streets of the French capital, punctuated by taxi horns and a bluesy trumpet solo." Unless there's an accordion I can't identify Paris through audio along. While I'm sure there's nice places like Park Avenue, the story is set in the old quarter, a bit old and dirty. A stark contrast to Swedish design, with open fields of snow, and space, so much space everywhere. 

During interval we made a dash to Zumbo, but they were sold out of what we were after. Got back just in time, again.

The second half had an amazing end, which I know as 'that piece from the pig movie - I hate pigs!' le beau was there, but I didn't see him.

Afterwards we went for donuts... spider web decorated original for me, and cookies n cream for George. 

Then onto ice cream, no pumpkin. :( We tried something new, the strawberry sorbet which was fresh and fun. But I'm starting to realize I prefer ice cream over sorbet :P It's much creamier, and I do love the cereal milk gelato. As it's Halloween Dex2rose had a 'pick a card game', I saw someone else get trick, but I was very lucky to get treat! My treat was an apple cider, it's fizzy apple juice but different. Have it before the ice cream, or you won't get the full taste.

We didn't have time to stop by Luxbite, but they do have similar treats all year round.

I was going to make cupcakes, but we ran out of time. We picked these as they were fun and simple, all you need after you ice it is a piping bag for the chocolate and a toothpick. 

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