The Perfect Package @ Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wednesday 4th November

It was first a light blonde colour, then we painted it white...

... then blue!

Here's what it looked like before. It was $14-ish from Kmart.

Procrastination extraordinaire. Today we painted a test tube rack, base and colour. Took a nap, ate pizza, went dancing and that was about it...

I first typed this under Monday. It's Wednesday?! What happened to the other days?! I've been so busy researching laptops, and internet, phone plans, it's a bit overwhelming. And that's moving prep, there's still the 3 projects to be done. 2/3 are due this Friday!

We're back the the first and fav dance studio this month! Dance with beyonce on Sunday, morman today and graphics design brad is back! I don't think I've seen him since last summer almost! Had a great time tonight. 

In the mail lately we got an awesome box of cookies & co, and a Harry Potter book. :) Because I wasn't more specific about the cookies there are several parcels that contained cookies and I think it was this one?


What is this 'Tornado warning issued for Melbourne'? It's sunny outside. Turns out there was a little rain, but "A tornado reportedly touched down at Tullamarine around 2.30pm". We're nowhere remotely near there. 

Advantage of being tall: no one gets poked in the eye by your antlers or big headpieces. XD Lets be honest I'm going to wear what I want anyway. Though have been requested NOT to wear a hat as then I can't see anything above me.

My fb feed is flooded with racing pictures, friend said this means I'm in the group that the races are targeted towards, though have no interest in prancing around in heels while sinking into the grass, or wearing dresses in a storm and no practical hats/sunglasses. I'd only go if I was invited. :P

Xmas has started and everyone's stress and discussions of what to buy age/gender/r'ship has started. Looks stressful! I'm kinda really glad we don't do xmas!

Side Note - Please don't get me a candle or handcream. I'm told candles make the smoke alarm go off, and don't want to cause an evacuation. :P 

Its been so long since my first few years of uni/college when Friday night were spent at the library research, google and books, that I feel like I've almost forgotten how to approach a project. Specifically a research project, this one's one of my last ones.


A day or rather afternoon spent checking out Labassa Manor which was divided into x units all sharing the same entry. Like your average apartment in NY, the one with lots of doors and hallways, not the fancy each person has a level type with a penthouse. 

Each unit was pretty much a room, kitchen and bathroom. But some units were bigger. My favorite room was the music room. Dark purple/burgundy ornate wallpaper with dark carpet and white lace curtains over the window. Nice and dark.

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