Andy Warhol x Ai Wei Wei @ The NGV @ Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday 12th December

The first event of the night was an exclusive night at the NGV for the 'Andy Warhol x Ai Wei Wei' exhibition. I don't know much about art so won't comment too much. Next to each art piece there's a description. As we were zooming through the place to get to the next event we didn't get all the details. While I love the arts, it's the performing arts not visual/art art that I'm into.

A water wall with a huge chandelier lighting thing behind it. 


Dropping a Vase

I wonder if you'd see in pixels after making that. XD

Warhol's Iconic Soup

My favourite part was the room with flying foil balloons, red twitter birds and gold llamas.

Another dead end. 

Yes that is a coat hanger.

Wei Wei took pictures of flowers in his bicycle basket everyday he was been watched by the government. They don't like him, but his profile is too high to have him taken care of.

The Finger Around the World

So close! I almost got a close up of this, but missed before security got me.

The Video Room

Silver Pillows!


The political lego room that lego was not cool with selling their bricks for the purpose of creating it. Luckily Wei Wei got donations from the people instead. It's inside a cube btw.

What are soap pads?

I do like those colors...

Can I buy a smaller helium gold llama balloon or brooch at the gift shop? No.

Have you been to the NGV lately?

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