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Monday 7th December

Productivity was at 0% as we got up, went to a meeting and then accidentally napped, not arriving in the city till 4pm. One blog post was uploaded. Workshop cancelled. I couldn't recall how much I paid though got a refund 200% what I paid and a small "I'm sorry" gift. An orange and something base oil to be used as a perfume. I like it. It's uplifting.

I met a guy. A guy who smells everything just like me! He's a chef specializing in Nepalese fusion food, who worked at The Common. He recommended eclipse mints to well, eclipse the smells of the city. Mildew guy on the left, dim sims eating guy on a humid steamy old over crowded tram in summer after work.

The rule is you can eat. You just can't eat things that smell - like fast food and dim sims! Fruit, nuts and fruit cups and juice boxes. No spill foods are also good. While I do like Indian food that's also something to stay clear of, Mexican too. 

Since we were already in the city I had dinner at Nandos, chicken wrap, corn on cob instead of chips and a juice (box). I do like Nandos though with so many restaurants around we rarely eat at a franchise. The only places we're regulars is is Father's Office & The Bank, and Indian.

Off to dance. Dancing is not an innate skill, though it seems like it is along with height for the 3 original mormans, and the wife. Morman doesn't know which bag is his wifes' O.O the man(? he's like 2yrs older than me) needs to pay more attention. Doesn't he ever offer to carry her bag? Because some of my friends do. And most of my friends who I see monthly can identify most of my bags. Mrs morman uses two bags regularly. She says he's weird about bags. Even if his stuff is on top he won't take it. My theory is that as a child he took something from mommy's bag/purse and was punished. And it's something he has never forgotten.

He says the only way he can identify her bag is if he goes through it and finds her ID badge. Typical vanilla morman response. It made me think if Ian, Ian was fun and crazy. He would have said gimp mask or something equally as hilarious! What I actually suggested was fluffy pink handcuffs. Because somehow being vanilla and a morman, morman doesn't actually know what that is. XD


A morning of laundry. The sets: towels, all the stuff, white, reds, wools, lingerie hand washed, sheets, something else I forget. 7-8 rounds of washing! More washing than I have drying space for... Why aren't my towels light and fluffy? Instead they're rough... No fabric conditioner I think, as I DIY my laundry liquid and the others think I'm a witch :P suspiciously peering at what's bubbling away on the stove. 

Yesterday I crashed into a chair on the tram, a big bruise on my knee and as a result most of the afternoon was spent chair bound on ice. There isn't ice in the medical room, but luckily been a Tuesday I had some dry ice delivered. 

Crime shows on the screen, feeling like a zombie. A late lunch on the train, kitkats with Lola. W3 is white choc, cranberry, pistachio and coconut. That's one, another is dark choc, ginger, pineapple and something else. I like the prior. The 3rd was hazelnut and coffee, which I didn't get as it doesn't sound that great. 

Tea workshop. Everything needs sugar... but I did get the matcha milkshake (no ice cream) with extra honey bottled. Served with matcha kitkats. Does it work? No. Tea is weak and overpowered by the sweetness of the white based kitkats. Have tea first then kit kats. 

Zumbo has BOGOF tarts on Tuesdays, and as I'm on my own I've never taken up the deal. Tonight Lola was there and so we had the lemon merigue, and hazelnut caramel. We both agreed the first was a winner, the second good but nothing amazing. 

Me So Nutty Tart $9
Filled with white miso gianduja caramel, draped in milk chocolate \
gianduja soft ganache and topped with golden hazelnuts.

Lemon Meringue Tart $9
 Pate friable base, lemon curd, lemon gel and a stunning Italian meringue piped finish. 

It was windy by the time I was at the tram stop to go uphill to the boarding house. I didn't bring a coat as it was summer. It was cold. And that's when the emptiness settled over me, like the morning fog. I miss him, very much and not a day goes by that I don't think of him.

Today it was when I was at the tram stop. I recall a summer's day when we went to a concert. He wore a navy suit with a red tie. We were coming from a concert, and it decided to rain, as the weather here likes to do anytime it feels like it. He offered me his coat but I pretended I wasn't cold. 

Watching 'Age of Adaline'. The story is as bland as the colours used within it. A girl who doesn't age after dying and coming back to life, is on the run. But there's no bad guy who's trying to kill or expose her. It's just meh. Flat characters who have boring adventures. There's no life to it. I couldn't finish it. Fast forward she dies again, and then wakes up (again) and magically she ages (progressively that is, not instantly crumbling into dust). It was lame. Why would anyone watch it? Because Serena from Gossip Girl stars as the main girl.


It's 7pm and I'm crashing all over the place. Missing my nap time on the train. Also I can do mornings, but then I'd need an afternoon nap and would crash by 6-8pm. Hence I am not a morning person. I have no idea how morman does it, work, dinner and dancing every night with the wife. Father works, showers, eats and sleeps. Repeat. I'd always thought I'd be like him. Hence living it up now :P.

The day started with an early meeting that ended up moving to Friday. Off to the city, shops open 10am Lola arrived at 8.30am... she says back home people line about around the corner for freebies. As it's rare. I'm going to say you people have too much time on your hands.

L'Occitane at Melb Central celebrated their re-opening with ribbon cutting, free samples and a gift with purchase. Only advertized to current customers though the newsletter. They closed to rearrange the store, moving the position of the counter, so it's at the back rather than side on.

I specialize in getting freebies and deals. Also maths. We were after the $4 travel hand creams 10ml but they didn't have them. I wanted to get something I'd actually use. So we went for the soap instead $5.50 still the cheapest thing in the store :P Didn't spend much as we were just after the gift and I have plenty of skincare in storage.

So what was the gift? Everything you see above except the soap on the left. Excited about using the almond body wash/oil as it's a cult product, though I can't justify that price and size, as it all goes down the drain. I buy 1.25Ls if QV from CW instead. 

Back to the office, some work was done, before we headed off to lunch at Angliss.

Then back to the office for a writing workshop. We're working on improving my writing. A second workshop followed about the community and collaborations. Yes I heard you, the theories. But to me I still believe the rule of the 13th faerie exists. The king only had 12 golden plates and so 12 faeries were invited to Aurora's Christening. No.13 was not invited. I am no.13. 


Launch night. My +1 was hoping I had an invite to the Royal Croquet Club, another food festival, but sadly I didn't. Need to work on my writing and stats there. 

Instead we went somewhere local, St Cloud Eating House. A modern Vietnamese bar and eatery in Hawthorn, a short walk from Auburn Station, on Burwood Rd. We'll have a post coming up soon.


An ice cream workshop. 

Lunch. Back to the boarding house. 

A trip to the gallery, then charity event. Yes we can do it all!


Sunday started with a concert, Christmas Carols with the MSO. The first half was great, as it featured the Nutcracker!! I love the Nutcracker. I hate sitting in the children section! The brat on my right and her 'I don't give a sh*t that my child is disturbing everyone *death glare*' were annoying. If you are going to air conduct keep your hands in your own space, also stop drawing on the chair!! The mother on my left made a better attempt to stop her loudly whispering boys by sitting between them. 

I had two options: act like I'm bored out of my mind and like I have ADHD; and ruin the concert for everyone, or move. Fortunately we went with the later option. But given no option don't think I won't behave like a child, though at my age you'd just assume I'm mentally ill. I am not above that. 

The second half went better, with only one child disturbing everyone. Boy in front of us decided to stand for some parts. Nana's either asleep or doesn't care. I hate children. The girls in my class when I was a tutor are fine though, with the exception of one. Most kids are ok, just not bored ones at concerts. What a waste of money. 

A quick dash to the trams to get to class was next on the list. There was an even number till I turned up, whoops. I did ask if I should just go, but the teacher was O.o. Stay. Where did everyone go? We had 9 people, normally there's 40+ in the class.

St Domenico Pizza Bar was our dinner destination.

Though it was a nice day to go eat at the park.

Zooming in on a tree we found this, why hasn't it been stolen yet?
But how cool is it? Do you think we'll still be around in 72yrs?

Details. What's instead the pole? Why is it there?
Was a little girl murdered and butchered here? That's creepy...

Gazebos are awesome! Even better if it's in a lake.

How was your week?

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