#IKnowCoffee Launch Party @ Belleville @ Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Charlie was invited to the event!

Evenings are best spent out and tonight we had three things on the list. 
The first was a launch party at Belleville featuring:

1. Espresso Martinis by Mr Black
2. Awesome coffee cups designed by Spenceroni
3. Belleville’s signature rotisserie chicken

Belleville is a hidden bar to the side of Chinatown, literally, there's a small doorway with a lift that brings to up to the bar. Something unexpected and a delight! A place to impress your friends, especially the boys. A night of drinks and chicken is always a winner.

Mr. Black is an Australian spirit company, that has recently started creating homemade or rather handmade cold press coffee liqueur, in small batches, you know not being mass produced in factories. The liqueur is developed over 9 mths and come in three different flavours depending on the source of the specialty single origin arabica beans.

The very strong expresso martini's were held in coffee cups by Spenceroni, a Melbourne artist. You can find a list of locations that are using his cups here

Chargrilled Corn with Toasted Coconut and Spiced Rum Yoghurt 

Catering tonight was by Belleville, while I love corn I'm not too keen on toasted coconut as it's a bit dry unless you add a lot of sauce. Instead I prefer the classic cheese with yoghurt and lime. The corn was nice and sweet, and not mushy as at which was nice.  

Beef & Pork Meatballs in a Dark Beer Teriyaki Marinade with with Jack Cheddar & Miso

These look beautiful, though we didn't try it as it had pork in it, and Jas got the time of the event wrong so didn't end up making it.

Saltwater Brined Free Range Chicken with Hot Sauce

I love chicken, while we have yet to make the trip to Belle's, Belleville is pretty amazing with perfectly juicy chicken and a crispy skin. There were hot sauces to go with it, but it's perfect on its own for me, though Lola would love the hot sauce. We can't wait to do a group dinner!

Thanks Yelp for introducing us to Mr Black & some delicious chicken in the city!  

Have you been to both Belleville & Belle's? 
Do you think they're related or it's just a coincidence?

Belleville Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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