Melbourne Central Treasure Hunt 2015 @ Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday 30th November

I love laser stickers! As a tutor I can justify having tons of them! 
Where do you stick all your stickers? The ones that are too pretty to be used.

A meeting, banking, job agency, discovered one of random asian homeware shops on main street. They all sell similar things, why aren't they a franchise? Coles, 4L water lugged uphill to the boarding house. Bought unsealed soup, whoops. Consider all the beautiful berries, a summer exclusive, oh how I miss the berries back home.

Dinner and dance. We met mrs morman's mom, so now there are 5 mormans. The 6th is yet to come. Isn't it amazing how their whole family goes dancing together? Like how do they convince each other to get off the coach and go? 


6.20am. That's when a delivery came. People were loud and not too happy. I was awaken abruptly. NOT A MORNING PERSON!! But thanks for waking me instead of return to sender. A few weeks later my delivery would be reject and we'd have a big fight resulting in one person refusing to speak to me (and its been like two weeks now).

The biannual shopping festival. Did you know that Typo at Chadstone has more stock? The pillowcases I was after weren't one of the items they had. :( But I ended up getting them later on with 30% off. 

It started as usual with the 10am sharp treasure hunt, but this year nova came along to entertain/promote. Lots of giftcards, bowling as always and a few other things. No glass cleaners this round or Lush.

Free cupcake from Moot and cookies/coffee from French Connection.

Headpiece inspiration!

We bought some beautiful rose body cream, from C&E, I've used this one one winter and loved it! Also bought body conditioner (think Nivea) but with rose scented and Lush!

Kitkats are changing flavours and this week (wk2) there's: matcha, xmas pudding, and the Melbourne flavour (fudge, brownies, pretzels). Lola loves the pretzel! Also released to the public was Anna's creation, the week before it was a VIP thing only, due to quantities.

MRP had some artists instores who drew our portraits! This is a picture of Emma.

Upstairs there's a wrapping station for a gold coin donation. A green watercolour design and another a map of melb with quotes/ideas from the homeless and a map of where you can buy STREAT coffee.

Both Lola & Jas totally love it!


We didn't have time to check out the Emporium as I had to get to a meeting, but we did have time for lunch, at Charlie & Co. Where I've only been once. Along the way we met a crafty lady, gosh I wish we have a craft club like RMIT!

Foam + Glitter Foam + Brooch Backs

Charlie's Fish Burger $14

Rockling marinated in lemon & herbs, (no tomato, yes pineapple), garden leaves and tartare sauce. The fish burger was light as hoped and good but average. Needs a stronger sauce like aioli. Nothing particularly wrong, though the bun was average. 

Chips were good, crispy outside, fluffy within, your plain basic chips from freezer deep fried yields the same results. 

Very good service and they have their own seating area, but other than that average. 

Fast forward to after the meeting, first xmas party of the year. The theme 'Old McDonald had a farm' aka checkered shirts. There was a team of garden gnomes, a lady from the 40s off to afternoon tea with her lady friends, a Victorian era lady and a field of scarecrows.

It was outside and cold, so we didn't stay long. Everyone knew someone else. Met new people briefly and had dinner. I loved the berry salad and created a dessert potato with berries and cranberry jelly + cream.


Where did the year go?

Instead of summer school we were sick. Stress sick got me. Forms for centerlink, places to go, things to research. We went dancing. 


On Thursday we went to the library and didn't get enough work done and had training for work, a game of domination. Local sushi place is $3.20 a roll!! You want soy sauce with that? That'll be 20c. 3.20 is white rice. Being the only sushi place in this small town means its a monopoly, where you set the prices.


Friday was another afternoon at the library after morning meetings. Followed by hot chips, a contemporary concert which wasn't my style, and free drinks (milkshakes) at the Pancake Parlour.

Drunk people at the station... a girl telling me how she bruised her a**hole and being hysterically laughing saying she had c** on her face cause she got mayo everywhere and scoffed two burgers. Missed the train by a minute and had to endure that. I thought the train came more often, was wrong. Also thought it would announce each station before we got there, nope. 

There's a scary looking guy at the station. He's about 2m tall, wearing all black (as you do here, he wore a cap with a white logo in the center, letters? But what was strange was that we wore a white mask over his mouth and nose and sunglasses! It's 10.30pm. He carries a water bottle clear no label in one hand and black backpack in the other. He walks to the middle of the platform changes his mind and goes back under the station, disappearing in an arch between platforms. The way he was holding his bag was like he was looking for somewhere to put it down.


Saturday was our event day this week, Tuesday seemed like weeks ago. We went to Scrolls Ice Creamery, first people there! They're just opening today. We got too excited and were 20mins early...

But we found a fun stripper/adult costume shop on the same street! They sold stripper shoes, corsets and fun things. Also eccentric things. I like it. Meanwhile Jas waited outside.

Lychee and Blueberry!

Stay tuned for more adventures and details on Scroll! 

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