Moving Week with KitKats & Zumbo @ Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Monday 23rd November

Dentist, setting up the box with internet inside and dancing. Also baked cookies and am working on setting up the new computer. Due tomorrow ready for moving!


Thanks to a friend I got a fast pass and skipped the queue! My friend Emma was one of five finalists for the Melb design, and came second!  Though there is one, but it was a team vote and was came second. Emma's still thrilled though! She also met a very cute guy! And she's got his number, though it's for work purposes. :P

Emma had to go to a meeting while we waited for the order, over free pancakes with Lola. I wasn't feeling pancakes so I just had ice cream. As the kitkats are custom and made on the spot they aren't designed to last forever like the packaged ones, also it takes an hour-ish to make them. Last orders are taken 3hrs before closing.

This is the one I designed. We'll have a post up soon.

Train, tram and walk  back to the boarding house. Meeting then walk, train, train, bus, walk to another meeting. Which ended early... Bus, bus, bus home to move more stuff.

Moving in progress... No that isn't everything. A few more trucks are coming. :P


How'd you sleep last night? Uggh was told to go bed at 2am. The mattress was extra firm and hard to move around on. We'll have a full post after we finish setting up and styling the place. Yes that is a corset on the bed.

Wednesday started with a mediation class, assisting the girl next door with apple crumble. Lack of precise measurements and canned apples designed for pie making. I didn't know that existed. .. back home yes, but no here, a place where you can't buy Pillsbury dough, cookie dough in every variety or pie crust. This stuff looks basic like how you just dump the food on a plate and eat it, don't play with it, - that's the way we were taught at school. So no pictures were taken.

Showered, yes we took forever to get ready as we weren't ready to go till 3pm. Shepard pie for lunch, no tomato sauce which I would have liked. It wasn't included and living for one doesn't involve big 2L buy in bulk bottles of sauce. Edit: Found small picnic-ish more like BBQ sized bottles!

There's no filtered water here. So I boil water, cool it enough to carry and bring it back to my room. It takes a while to cool down, so we always have a couple bottles in the mini fridge ready to go.

Off to town. It's very different here, all the shops are on the main road on a strip like in England. We have malls. I found a whole bunch of shops I like like witchery, t2, sportscraft, kikki k, random asian shop. And the gpo, banks, coles and libarary.

Went dancing, there weren't many people there at all, only 1/4 mormans. The evening passed too quickly!


Failed treble clef.

Thursday started with coffee at an actual coffee shop. Would now be a bad time to say that I'm not a coffee person? I had a hot chocolate which was good, made with syrup. I'm indifferent about getting it again. It was at 'Cup of Chia' a tea specialty cafe, didn't know they had them as Melbourne's all about coffee.

Back to the boarding house. While my window is frosted because it's a car parking lot outside (by the sounds of it) the lighting's good. Not direct and creating shadows or reflecting off a polished board. We spent some time playing with the kitkats.

Evenings are best spent out and tonight we had three things on the list. The launch of Mr Black, where we met a few people whom I follow on instagram. We sipped on espresso martinis in cups designed by Spencer. While munching on coconut corn cobs, meatballs and Belle's Hot Chicken. You have no idea how amazing fresh food and that chicken was.

Off to dinner, ramen. We shared a bowl of chicken ramen, karrage chicken with chili mayo and shredded cabbage. The people here are always lovely!

Next was a meeting. They sent me to the wrong one... I was supposed to go to the inner city but was sent to the ghetto out west.

Andy came over for chicken, cheese and crackers. And his kitkats. Bought Lucy for a visit! She clung onto me and didn't let go.


A jug cracks causing a waterfall cascading from the drawers. From bench top to drawer to floor. I didn't know that would happen... Kmart owes me a refund, I just bought it on Monday.

Meetings. Heated discussions. Some people are less cool than others. Freezing in my room, heater doesn't work.

Off to the shops and dinner. Thanks to a protest trams were confused and we were late.

This week's dinner was at a new place, new to us. Los Amates, a small authentic mexican place in Fitzrory. A rare group dinner with Jon, Jas and his +1 the lawyer (sadly civil and not a criminal defense attorney that we'll need at some point). :P


Helping out at work today, I was here earlier this year - I think. Its been a while. I would like to actually get shifts but have never been offered  (monthly schedule sent out end of each month) or gotten said email. Why? The manager doesn't like me, she's made it very clear. And I suppose that taints my view of the company. The guys I worked with her were awesome! Top two work experiences. I'd go offer my services to their revial but because Australia is a small island compared to back home there is no rival.

At work we died a little, ok a lot. Wedding season. Work is a venue that hosts $$$ events. Think $6k+ children's parties where you hire caterers and a strings quartet. I love it. This is my specialty.

Every event here is about a person or two and all their friends and family. Things I don't have. I have friends but none that I see more than a couple times a year, other than Lola who works PT. Everyone's just so busy! Yes all the time. I'm not important to anyone except le beau. What I do have is plenty of people after a free meal and tickets though, people who are here to take advantage of you. I see Andy going out in a group with his 12 best friends. I don't even have 12 people in my life. To our wedding I'd invite less than 10 people. I am surrounded by people but I don't connect with them.

Even Lucy's gone. She's at home, not eating and sleeping in Andy's bed instead of being here with me. :( There's no garden for her here and people be staring/watching/chasing her.

Dinner was tomato soup, and 82 Beef Korma. Which was yuck! There's a herb/spice in there I couldn't stand. So we had microwaved fish & chips (02 Crumbed fish) instead which was meh as expected, soggy and sad. It's a dish to be baked.

Feeling down after work we stopped by Zumbos. I've never been to Zumbo's but I recall that day when they opened and lines started at 4/5am. It was summer last year and I had a job interview that day. 

Today was a special day and there were 50+ flavours available! We went for not regular flavours, and not ones I knew I'd like, like bounty and cherry ripe.

Lime and Basil - Smoked Banana - Cheese Toastie
Mango Grapefruit Coconut Tapioca - Pandan Kaffir Lime Rie Pudding
S'mores - Competition Winning Flavour

The s'more was my favourite! Followed by cheese toastie and banana on the same level, then lime, pandan then mango. The last one didn't have very strong flavours and was a bit weird.

I've never had Zumborons but they're the best! Same price as everyone else at $2.80 and always perfect shells with never stingy fillings, unlike La Belle Mitte. The best!

Though I do miss times when they first came out and was $2 a piece.

How was your week?

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