My Birthday! Eat, Shop, Drop @ Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Saturday 26th December

It's my birthday! Slept in, and went shopping around noon, picked up the cake and went to dinner at a hotpot place with lots of seafood (and instant noodles)! The birthday tradition since 2008 has been shopping! Before then it was dinner at IHOP then a movie.

Shingle Inn - Cupcake & Coffee

Birthday Freebies - Salsa, Muffin Break, Chatime

Bad service at Chatime, the SA didn't like me and behaviour unfavourably such as slamming the drink when placing it near me. When you have a deal some people treat you different, especially asians, not all but most, especially if they're not an ABC & co..

Lincraft had a sale, 40% off I think. We also got lucky and found the sale section.


Cold Rock - closed again! But I called and the manager on voicemail said they were open! This happens every year, and the free ice cream is only valid on your birthday, and not before or after. HQ sent me a $5 voucher to apologize.

Chadstone, parking, I give it 30mins+. Eventually we got there. 

L'Occitane sold out of what I was after before xmas, Forever New didn't have anything on my list. Lovisa has clip ons! And shiny things, I love glitter, sparkle and shimmer!

Colette vs Lovisa. Lovisa tells you how much the item is when on sale e.g $7. Colette tells you it's 50% off, you need to pick it off the rack and flip it over. Adding an extra step. As a marketer the easier you make it for the consumer to get the message across the more likely they are to be enticed and make a purchase or consideration. It speeds up the process. I want to see from behind someone, over their shoulder rather than get up close. If it takes too much time we'll abandon it.

Birthday freebies! A tie from Sportscraft 30c, hand/body lotion and a silver belt from Witchery. Later on I got the shoe waterproof/stain prevention spray in the city. Also free as I used my $30 birthday credit.
Most $$$ item I bought was a cardigan from Alannah Hill. Polka dots online, but rhinestones in person! I must have it! Called around to a few stores, no one has it. Fine I'll pay the $10 shipping. A bit peeved that my giftcard didn't come in time never came. Paid $160, but then later on, first feb its gone down to $95!!! And it's still available in my size. Hate it when that happens.

What happened to the Happy Lab? They closed up shop and now sell through Target. Like Darrell Lea and Safeway. There's only two stores in VIC/NSW, and online (+ shipping).

Best customer service today: guy at Muffin Break, "Anna" the acidental cosplayer at Sportsgirl, and the lovely tall guy in mensware at Myer. 

Dinner at 'Chong Qing Hot Pot', their birthday offer is BOGOF, $30 for two.

What do you normally do on your birthday?

And yes, I'll do another post on birthday freebies alone.

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