Jon is an adult. Out of all my similar aged friends who I met in high school he is the first to adult and so we asked him about it. He says it happened over the 8mths between uni and full time work. It just happened. He started driving when he was 21, met his pretty cool sounding illustrator gf on and yeah.

He met a girl online?? Jon's a great guy he's everyone's friend, so I'm not sure why he had to find a girl online. But he says has an indepth profile for the perfect match compared to tinder so that makes sense. It makes sense that you go where people are looking to meet others. I do that, like a couple times a year :P But I still think that online dating is for serial killers. XD Do you think that's where the modern MacBeths would meet?

I find that everyone grabbed a partner pretty quickly at the end of high school or early college. With friends people have enough people in their lives and don't need more, social groups and life has been established. So while I find it easy to meet new people all the time, I don't actually connect with anyone, and wonder am I looking in the wrong place, or have all the good ones been taken? It's like I'm happy with my circle and don't need anyone else.

On the weekend we saw The Lobster (2015) which "takes adult worries over loneliness, solitude and coupledom and sends them into a perverse alternate world." – MUBI Notebook

The summary is: Single people are sent to a hotel and must find romantic partners in 45 days or be transformed into animals . If they find someone they share a room for 2wks, then stay on a boat for another 2wks, and if it works out they get sent to the city of suits. Being alone is a crime. Others who don't make it, well, get turned into animals, kill themselves or try to run off and hide in thee woods. But the hotel has daily hunting trips.

It was kind f**ked up really. A dog is killed!! It was awful and depressing. Also what kinda silly person keeps a private diary? Someone will find it at some point.

What's with society's obsession with couples and perception that being alone is sad?

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