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Tuesday 5th January 

My last birthday dinner was hosted at The Grand Hotel in Richmond, fine dining, award winning Italian cuisine. An evening with jas and a 6 course meal.

Side question: When you pick a restaurant that costs more than your friends are used to, do they point out that out and tell you you need to contribute more to the bill, when splitting it, as you are the reason they spent more than a big mac meal for dinner?

For me friends and fiances don't go well. This is why I rarely ever see what jas calls my "gold digger" friends, the type that spends all the money when someone else covers the bill, but calculates everything down to cents when it's their own money, and live by the idea "If it's not free, it's expensive" and "If it's not free, I'm not interested".


Esme came to visit me, before her next amazing adventure, a 2yr trip to the UK. Where are you going to live? Do you have a job there? Nope. Planning on the go sounds terrifying!

We went for a walk down main street, she had lunch and we went for ice cream, stopped by Kikki K, where I picked up my new diary. I can totally justify spending $24 (after a $10 b'day discount) on a diary, though most people around me settle for $2 diaries.

I'm using the Sweet one, with the monthly and weekly views. More space than the study version. To keep organized I pair it with a filofax, Day Runner, a book of checklists. Daily tasks, weekly, monthly, water intake, etc.  


A sleep in. My dreams are very intense these days. Probably should work on relaxing or something. I often walk up exhausted from running (someone's after me, I'm often hunted in dreams).

Off to the city. Bought a lint roller, kitkats, shopping my style with jas in tow and dinner before stopping at Officeworks, the stationary and printing monopoly. Coles aka Wesfarmers has yet to open up a similar store.

His favourite was the apple pie, while I really liked it, the mascapone cheesecake was the one for me. Though I still really like the matcha one. 

A cheap butterfly necklace from MRP.

MPR. How and why are clothes so cheap?! How, easy cheap labour. Child and slaves. Why? Consumerism. Clothes these days are designed to last a season or two, chasing the latest trends, things aren't made to last as they used to.

Not my style, there's nothing here for me. I did try on a few things though, but being little things fit weird on me. My style is more of AH/Review/Cue. I like looking at Forever New but the quality isn't great, though prices are still high. Quality and cheap don't often go together. I love my satin lined dresses.

We're at MRP to use a giftcard. I found an awesome burger and fries print shirt! Jas says no one's proud to work at McD, burn it! XD I say it's cool - but on someone else, and bought it, for someone else.

A body chain necklace-kinda thing <$10.

At David Lawrence there's an extra 30% off sale items, other similar tier stores are having the extra sale too. We picked up a red belt in a shade I didn't have yet. 30c it cost me, as I used my $20 birthday voucher.

Bankara Ramen has come to the city! Near Target and Starbucks near the State Library. Target's kitchen closes at 7.30pm. Being nocturnal that's very early. So we moved up to the one near Starbucks on Swanston.

He had the Tonkotsu premium $20, while I had our favourite, the signature Bankara basic $14. To which I added two eggs: a beautiful soft boiled one that I totally vacuum that off the spoon, and your typical seasoned ramen egg $4. Forgot to ask for that one to be halved, as it's often served cut.

Just like last time it was very good and we'd totally get it again. At $18-20 a bowl ramen wouldn't be considered a cheap eat. Though if you're after cheap eats look for lunch deals like Wagaya's $10 lunch menu or $15 lunches at the bank.


An afternoon start, bought a massive sheet of black glitter foam for a project, and a silk scarf for $3. While I have plenty of silk ties, I don't have any silk scarves. This one was $120 down to $28, and I had a $25 giftcard. Though normally I think you can get 100% silk scarves around $30. It's pictured above with the red belt.

This week's non-food adventure was a Dusk Tour at Como House in South Yarra. Arriving early I had time to explore the gardens. The pond had been refreshed/filled since out last visit and lilies had been added. No fish though. I saw a kingfisher-ish bird, and an app identified it as a Kookaburra! Those are the laughing birds, native to Australia and New Guinea. Sadly it didn't say anything or laugh though. 

Our tour guide, Micheal was great! And we had a good time, though I'd say my favourite tour would be the ghost one :P Everyone who works there seems to be a believer, except me, who grabs the poker stick by the fire if I hear anything so much as a creak.

Something he mentioned was that you never wanted to be early to the ball, as you'd be announced to an empty room! XD Instead you'd be fashionably late! Yes that is me, I'm often late. Meanwhile Lola came early.

The tour ended just before 8pm on the veranda, with bubbles, strawberries, choc mint stick (from Thomas Dux) and cheese. The best way to end a tour. I feel like now's a good time to pitch the $12 book on the house we have available in the giftshop. :P

Neighbours nearby. How to tell people they aren't welcome to visit. :P

How close do you want to live to the station? Boxed living.

How was your week? Have you ever been on a ghost tour?

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