Quick Eats - Peko Peko Taiwanese @ Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thursday June 1st

A last hour dinner saw us visit Peko Peko, an old favourite that we stopped going to because they stopped doing bentos (I love my bentos!). On a Thursday Night it was packed (these pictures were taken on closing) as popular as ever.

Do make a booking! The deco hasn't changed much over the years, I think it has been almost 4yrs since we were here! Back in 2013-ish. We had a few group dinners here as I recall too.

This week's specials!

Pop Chicken $15

Taiwanese crispy chicken cubes with salt & pepper seasoning

Crispy with lots of spices, like nothing I've ever had! Served with kewpie mayo, and teriyaki sauce. I didn't use the sauce as it was very well seasoned. This plate is an entree but the size of a main. I'd expected at a small side salad. But no. 

Sesame Broccoli Salad $3.50

We ordered a kewpie mayo broccoli salad to go with the chicken as just a solid plate of protein is a bit overwhelming as a main. *not a real salad* The chicken was really good, though should be an entree to share between 3+ rather than a main.

Crispy Seafood Wonton + Noodle Soup $15

Egg floss, spicy seafood jam, vermicelli

One crispy seafood wonton, deep fried, calamari, covered in chili jam. 
Brilliantly textural, a firm flesh beneath crispy shell. 

Bio guy had a noodle dish, noodles were a bit dry, in a peppery broth.

The vibes are just as vibrant as I recall and till just as fun! Will we be back? Perhaps.

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